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Wow. I'm up late on Gaia, and certain friends of mine are... *giggles* doing a strip show in one of the clubs. Ohhhhmy. This is hilarious. I've been on Gaia for about 3 hours now, so I can forget about waking up at a decent hour tomorrow. But I have almost 800 gold now, AND certain friends are stripping to "I Will Survive!"

Speaking of stripping... hehehe... I'M GOING COMMANDO! *everyone stares at her in shock.* Well, I have an explanation for that. I didn't get a certain email before going to Tuesday group, and when I got there, someone asked if I was wearing underwear. The blank, stunned look on my face cracked everyone up, so they explained that it was commando night (due to Big Al's birthday and 311). So I went to the bathroom and... yeah. Boy, it's a weird feeling. I feel so... deviant. Anyway, we had a chain-writing exercise and came up with some weird, funny stuff. Nick wasn't there, so Emily called his room, but he wasn't there. She left him a voice mail in a sexy voice saying that there were girls going commando (Ben was too, but he was the only guy there), there might be chick-on-chick action, etc. Of course, we were all giggling in the background, it was great. Then Emily was talking about how she keeps getting all these midget porn emails. I said "Why don't I ever get those? All I get are the animal and incest ones, and I'm not into that! WHERE'S THE FUCKING MIDGET PORN?!?!?!?!?!" At that point, everyone was in hysterics, mostly because I said the f-word (it's an extremely rare occurrence). So that ended up on the quote board, and Emily said she'd forward me the midget porn (I think she was joking, but I can never be sure...). Wow, what an interesting night. Never a dull moment at the writers house, that's for sure. Poor Nick missed it though.

*yawns* Well, I SHOULD be going to bed, but this stripping thread is way too entertaining to abandon. Well, night all!

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