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*huge sigh of relief*
no more classes! spring break is here! woooooo! in about 25 minutes, my dad will be here and i'll go home. hey, if anyone in the murrysville area or within an hour or so wants to get together (spam, we definitely are, even if i have to go kidnap you from shop'n'save), contact me. i'll be checking my email at home and probably even posting a few times. yay! i haven't been home since january, and i'm going nuts here (from the heavy-duty work, lack of tasty, nutritious food, sleep deprivation, various computer-related addictions, i haven't seen some of my friends in months, etc.).

well, this weekend is probably going to be busy. in a fun way. *squeals* 2 days til tori!

*bounces off to gather up her laundry and clothing and books and stuff*

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