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hehehe next week i'm taking over tuesday group, which means i get to come up with an interesting writing exercise... i have an idea of what i want to do. it will be a surprise. last night we had to write about someone in the room or write in the style of someone in the room. i made up a bunch of silly things about allison (chosen by "eeny meeny miny mo"), and i decided that peanut butter and jelly omelettes are hilarious. tonight at golem, we critiqued jess's poem and colored fliers for the next journal. and the word "nipples" cracks me up too (not as much as "exlax," but it's still funny, and i cracked up when i saw "nipples" in the poem. yes, i'm immature.). i was sitting next to jess and she reached for some cookies in her sweatshirt pocket. she told me, "ade, my cookies were next to your ass, so they're nice and warm, like they're fresh from the oven." i found that hilarious.

wooo, almost midnight and i haven't done any homework yet. i know i have a poem due tomorrow (i think i know which one i want to turn in, i just need to type and edit it - it's about eating knockwurst and how i can't cook hot dogs in the microwave). people seemed to like my "hedwig" sonnet, but apparently some didn't understand that it's supposed to be a blazon and therefore sound tacky. the poem is so cheesy it makes me laugh. well, i don't think i ever posted it here, so i will now.


Bilgewater diners ignore the fortune
glistening and twinkling before them.
Beneath a crowning wig of spun white gold,
framed by silky wings of platinum curls,
her decorated face glitters with gems
like a treasure chest in a dank cavern.
Diamonds and sapphires shimmer on lids
where wounded aquamarine irises
set in opals gaze at a thankless crowd.
Rose quartz splashes across painted cheekbones,
her talc-dusted nose obtruding over
ruby disco ball rims where words surface.
These lips mine such dazzling melodies
that cherished jewels dull in their presence.

wow. some poor girl from franklin was recently murdered by a couple assholes. jeesh. this is why i avoid morons. here's the story, thanks to spammykins. i didn't know her, but it makes me angry. and sick. it just goes to show what scum lurks in society. how can people be so cruel? how can people be so stupid? you don't beat on people! you don't kill them! you're supposed to respect others and be nice to everybody, you don't beat and kill a teenage girl over some stupid argument. gosh! that guy needs to be castrated. slowly. with one of those electric sanders. and people should also know better than to hang out with losers, go to parties where people are getting high and drunk (because people are even stupider that way), and leave their friends alone with creeps who molest and shoot them. make good decisions! be friends with nice people who love and respect you and would never hurt you! ah well. people can be cruel, idiotic, and worthless. thank you all for being nice, intelligent, and... um... worthful (is that a word? it is now!). my friends rock. thanks for not killing me. rest in peace, dana.

and now, i will eat something, see what homework i've forgotten about, and go to bed so i can wake up nice and early for my FS tomorrow (gaaaah, i hate that class with a passion. oh well - at least the wonderfulness of my poetry class makes up for it). night all!

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