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Tonight I saw "Kissing Jessica Stein" (there was a showing as part of the Lesbian and Gay film series - gotta love it... last year they showed Hedwig and I instantly fell in love). It was great and hilarious until Jessica and Helen broke up, then it turned stupid. The ending absolutely sucked. Jessica went back to being straight again, which totally rejected the idea of bisexuality. She was straight at the beginning, then met Helen, and for a while she was bisexual and everything was hunky dory (except that she was a real closet case and afraid of intimacy). Then they broke up, and she went and dated the guy who was in love with her. Bah. She should have stayed with Helen. But up until the breakup, I loved the movie. And Helen was meditating in front of a big Ganesha statue at one point and I got all excited. I want a big Ganesha statue! I have 5 statues, but they're all small, 4 inches high at most. Helen's was 2 or 3 feet tall. But big statues are expensive... maybe I'll wait until I'm older and have more money.

Today in poetry, I handed in an open form poem. It's not happy and fun like most of my poetry (depressing poetry is fine, it's just that 80% of the class seems to think that all poetry should be depressing... so I like to write fun poems for variety). I just hope people won't take it too seriously and freak out and tell me I need professional help. I don't. I'm fine, really. Here's the poem:

Hairs whimper when I
twist them around my fingers,
rip them from their land.
Tweezer terrorists
zorp civilians.
Like a tyrant, I betray my minions,
civil war uprooting the jungle.
Hands hostage my inner Rapunzel,
confiscating her locks.
Golden carnage
rains the earth.
Trichotillomania triumphs again.

Yes, I made up the word "zorp." It sounded cool. This poem isn't so great. I wanted to turn in my knockwurst poem, but that wasn't really great either. Oh well. Next week we have to write a weird "self portrait" describing the self that lies within us. I'm going to mention humuhumunukunukuapua'as and mannequins at least once. Oh, and Jess took the word "nipples" out of her poem and I yelled at her for it. Well, not in a mean way, just a "but you HAVE to have 'nipples' in there!" kind of way. I yelled that across the room to her before class started when she told me, and people laughed. Hmmm, maybe I should write a poem about nipples and submit it to Golem. That would be hilarious, not to mention completely unexpected (I rarely write about anything remotely sexual except maybe GLBT people, since I'm always worried that my parents will read my writing. Ah well. I've written maybe 4 or 5 really erotic pieces before... gosh, those are embarrassing to read out loud. I wish I could write erotica as well as a certain friend of mine *wink wink* but the only one I've ever been satisfied with has kind of stupid dialogue. Oh well, some people liked my Rocky Horror erotic fanfiction. Hehehe I think those were the only fanfics I've ever written.

Well, I'll be getting back to my stats homework (I did half of it already! Isn't that amazing?), and then it's night night time. Bye!

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