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weeeeee, another wasteful weekend! yesterday i mostly played AOM all day. well, after lunch i did go visit the golem table at the children's carnival. when wandering around, i saw carrie (my freshman roommate) and she let me play her sorority's "pin the tail on the kite" game. i failed miserably, but i got a prize anyway - a little blue crab sand toy. i also got a couple balloons and a lollipop out of the whole affair. i wish i could have gone around to all the tables like the little kid i think i am (people told me i could pass for a kid, since i'm tiny), but half the students there knew me anyway, and the carnival was supposed to be for people who are actually kids, not (almost) 20-year-olds who look and act like kids. oh well.

also, anne stopped by yesterday with a present for me! yay! when she was in japan she happened to find the dragon half manga and thought of me (dragon half is my favorite anime since it's so incredibly silly and says exlax twice). so i was really happy and bouncing around (i tend to bounce when i'm excited - see, i AM a little kid!). anne is such a sweetheart. of course, i can't read the manga since it's all in japanese, but i could learn or have someone translate. my dad has this learn japanese computer program and a dictionary from when he used to do business in asia. hmmm...

well, i need to shower, go to brunch, and *try* to do some homework. i also want to do some serious writing, since the deadline for the next golem journal is really soon and so far i have no finished, edited pieces but several works-in-progress. ayyy...

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