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oh jeez. i'm starting to worry about my sister. when i was on spring break, she got sick, and a week and a half later, she's STILL sick. she apparently has a "raging head cold with every symptom possible," and she's missed a lot of school. my parents took her to the doctor and they gave her some medicine, but if her "cold" is as strong as ever after a week and a half, there could be something seriously wrong. colds are supposed to last for about a week and gradually die out. i think my parents need to take katie to the hospital. she's never been this sick before.

but anyway, today is my cousin ashley's (well, 1st cousin once removed) 3rd birthday. my family sent me a picture of her, and i just about overdosed on cuteness. my parents said they were remeniscing about my 3rd birthday. i think it was the year my friend elizabeth and i had a double birthday party (we're only a few weeks apart, i think). we had this cool bunny-shaped cake and wore matching outfits. in the pictures, we kind of look like twins (we were both short and blond). *sigh* i haven't seen her in about 11 years. my family still gets christmas letters from her family though, so i know she still exists.

once again, today i accomplished absolutely nothing. thank you. and spongebob looks silly in a blue wig and fairy wings.

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