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*sigh* my friend insulted me today without knowing it...

kristen: hi ade! are you going to that thing on tuesday with professor dodge?
ade: yup.
kristen: me too. i just wanted to ask, i'm glad i won't be the only normal one there.
ade: normal?
kristen: well, my definition of normal...
ade: (sounding hurt) i am NOT normal!
kristen: oh, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to insult you.
ade: (sulking) it's ok... see you later. (walks off feeling like her weirdness has been flushed down the potty)

oh well. i guess she didn't know that i take pride in my eccentricity. maybe she meant "normal" as in a person who doesn't *try* to be different by doing things like dying their hair green or getting all sorts of tattoos and piercings. that seems o be society's definition of "weird." but i don't TRY to be weird, i just am. though i'd really like to dye my hair purple someday (i've been meaning to for the past 3 or 4 years but haven't).

this morning i had some pretty weird dreams. i'll skip most of them, but the cool/eerie one started when i was among a really large crowd of people. there were these spaceships flying overhead, but i was one of the only people who noticed. apparently the aliens had forgotten to take one person with them, and they were flying around, looking for the person. i was jumping up and down, waving my arms, and screaming, "ME! ME! TAKE ME WITH YOU!" but the aliens ignored me. then i saw my friend bill, and the aliens were going to take him instead. i watched him get on board the spaceship (it looked kind of like an elevator at that point), and i told him i wanted to go too. he said he was sorry, but if i found his aunt, maybe i could also go with the aliens. i asked who his aunt was, and he looked like he didn't know, but then he mouthed something that i didn't understand. the spaceship closed (apparently the doors were see-through), and i waved goodbye to him as it took off. i felt like crying, because i wanted to go too and i thought i'd never see bill again. but i guess it was appropriate that bill went with the aliens, since he's a sci-fi author and everything. *grins*
in the next part, apparently someone had found an aunt (not sure if it was bill's aunt). i guess this family was at a medieval graveyard, digging up a coffin (it was kind of like the middle ages when bodies could only stay in the cemetary for so long before they'd be dug up and new bodies would be buried). they found these shoeboxes or something with books in them, and in one they found all sorts of interesting, modern books. they thought it was strange since the aunt had lived in the 9th century and had all these modern books in her grave. then i saw things from the perspective of the bottom of a dark hole. i guess i was in the grave looking out. the faces of the family looked down at me, and they were shocked. in the next scene, i guess i was to the side of or behind what was apparently a catholic priest. i only saw his hands though - he was missing some fingers (it looked like they had been chopped off), and he was apparently holding a dagger (maybe he was missing some fingers because he wasn't too careful with the dagger...). he was chanting something, and on this table (the altar?) lay a fairly young woman, probably in her late 20s. she was wearing a light blue lacey dress and had pale skin and dark hair tied up in what looked like a bun. someone was undoing the front of her dress (i guess this was part of the revival - either she had been alive all the time in the grave or she had been revived). right before it exposed her chest, she sat up and held the front of her dress closed. then apparently later at the family's house, they were talking about what to do with her. they told her to go down to the basement while they talked, and she saw that as symbolic of going back to her grave. she said something like, "oh, so you're going to put me in a cairn again." and then i woke up. boy, that dream sounded like the plot of a weird sci-fi/horror movie. hmmm... i should write a story based on it.

well, it's just another manic monday, and i have the urge to play AOM again before the argo meeting. bye!

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