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hehehe golem was amusing tonight. after discussing pippi longstocking and critiquing carolyn's poem, jess was talking about how she listened to annie lennox's "walking on broken glass" repeatedly. after the meeting, i was walking back to brooks and she drove by with her windows open, blasting it really loud. hehe that's a great song. it reminds me of sitting on the transfer bus with my friend karen in 3rd grade.

only 5 people showed up for tuesday group last night, even though i told a bunch of people to come. i was disappointed. even nick didn't show up, and emily even called him. *sigh* oh well. sara and carolyn came, and they don't usually come, so they rock. we did a character exercise where i handed out these blank profiles and people would fill them in and draw a picture and then write about their character. we also listened to "the forbidden zone" soundtrack, which was insane, and i couldn't stop cracking up. it usually doesn't crack me up when i listen to it, but it struck me as funny that i was exposing other people to the utter weirdness of it. especially the parts with the kipper kids and their nonsensical syllables and fart noises. weeee!

well, i have to find a new faculty advisor very soon, submit stuff to golem, register for classes in about 2 weeks (i think i know what i want to take), and accomplish a bunch of other stuff. i beat the AOM campaign for the second time, so hopefully i'll pry myself away from the game for a while so i can be semi-productive. plus, i bet i scare people in the hall when i randomly yell "leave me alone, you little fuckers!" yes, i yell at imaginary computer game people. it's pathetic.

well, i'm going to write my poem that's due tomorrow. i'll post it later. bye!

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