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It took me a while to write this poem, and it's the longest one I've written for class so far. It's nice and happy and fun, and I like it. I don't know what other people will think, but I hope I followed the assignment. I think this is one of the only poems that I use stanzas in. My poetry is usually just one amorphous blob. This poem is very Ade, as it's supposed to be. Those of you who know me well would agree.

Self Portrait

Welcome to Adeville!
Follow willow trees and pomegranate groves,
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a ranches and pumpkin fields,
to Queen Ade's miniature castle.
Queen Ade rarely accepts visitors,
but you're welcome to drop by and feed the chimps.

Sample Midol and Exlax at the apothecary,
browse volumes of twisted fantasy at the library,
and jam with Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the theatre.
Pay homage to Ganesha and Artemis at the temple,
and say hi to Annie the Goddess of Bad Weather,
(she'll give you cheese balls if you're nice to her).

Munch oatmeal raisin cookies while listening to Tori Amos,
fly over unicorn meadows (what are your wings like?),
absorb Mr. Zebra paintings and naked headless female conte crayon torsos,
gather quartz, amethyst, tiger eyes, and emeralds at dwarven mines,
sip apple juice and orange GatorAde,
cuddle black and orange kittens, emus, and smelted squid,
or just nap until noon.

Dress in black velvety flumpy costumes,
and prance around the neighborhood wearing rainbow fairy wings.
Cast circles in the forest, save worms from drowning,
and buy a mannequin on eBay in a fit of late-night insanity.
Dance the Time Warp in the movie theatre lobby
("It's just a jump to the left!").
Build tiny snow owls and go sledding.

Flocks of zebras and schools of elephants
play tag with centaurs and dragons.
Moaning Myrtle haunts the girls' bathroom,
and Velma loses her glasses again.
Jareth the goblin king and Lord Darkness
woo semi-innocent girls with sweet words and amazing ornaments
("Does the gown not... please you?").

In Adeville, thirteen and a half children run rampant,
and dwarves mingle with giants.
Paper and imagination make everything possible.
Nobody bashes transvestites or fat girls.
People use parmesan cheese like salt,
and nobody ever grows up.
Enjoy your visit, and have a nice day, please!

I have another assignment due tomorrow for my FS, but I figure I'll write it quickly in the morning. It's how I get my B's. Pooh, I hate that class. And I have to pick a new advisor by the end of the semester. Ayyy...

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