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do not drink gatorade 5 minutes after brushing your teeth. bleeeeech!

last night i saw the film version of "the vagina monologues." it was hilarious, disturbing, weird, informative, and very... feminist. afterwards, i was talking with nick and anne about it (i asked nick if he wished he had a vagina after seeing the film, but he said he's happy with his penis). we went to anne's room, but nick and anne started debating the war, and it turned into an argument after a while, and by that time i was really tired and sick of hearing about the war, so i left. i wasn't contributing anything to the conversation (i know relatively nothing about what's going on, i don't want to, and right now i don't really care. if people want to go kill themselves because countries hate each other, they're stupid and i want no part in it.), and i was feeling really uncomfortable, so i had to excuse myself and get out of there before my head exploded. on the way back to my room, i got a little snivelly, so i made myself play AOM until i felt better (stupid addiction...).

well, it's friday, and i should go have lunch and see if i know what we're studying in stats. my friend jessie asked me to help her with stats today since she doesn't really understand it (yet it's a breeze to me and i get A's on the tests without studying very much). i don't think my shakespeare class meets today, so i won't have to rush to stats since bulman never finishes talking on time. hmmm, wonder what sort of roadkill the cafeteria is serving today... possum? frog? beaver? antelope? we may never know...

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