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< mini rant >
I'd like to give a big FUCK YOU to whoever it was that set the fire alarm off 20 minutes ago. It was SNOWING outside. In April. I didn't have a coat on, just my hoodie. That's the second time this week that happened. Sheesh, I think there should be a mandatory lecture on microwaving popcorn for incoming freshmen. Not that freshmen burn popcorn all the time, just that burnt popcorn is almost always the culprit behind fire alarms and people should learn how NOT to burn popcorn when they come to college so people don't have to stand out in the freezing cold and have their eardrums blown out by the alarm itself (Did they have to make it THAT loud? Even deaf people could hear it plainly enough!). Riiiight at the end of "Wicked Little Town" too, just when I was feeling all blissful and Hedwig-ish. Oh well.
< /mini rant >

`* you drink// just apple juice, orange gatorade, tea, iced tea, and water

`* many times have you been drunk// none that I know of

`* your best friend a virgin// I don't really have a *best* friend, just a group of really close friends. Of the 4 I consider the closest, 3 are virgins, and the one that isn't lost her virginity at a fairly late age. My friends are chaste like that.

`* you wear short shorts// no, I avoid them... I hate when my thighs and calves rub together.

`* many people have you slept with// well if you mean "slept with" in the sexual sense, none. If you mean "slept with" as in shared a bed, several. I don't know how many, probably around a dozen (family members and friends only)

`* you get along with your mom// for the most part, especially now that I'm away from her. We're incredibly different, but if we're both in a good mood we get along fine.

`* many guys have you kissed// hmmm... let me see... when I was in 1st grade, I had this little boyfriend and we used to kiss under the tire during recess, then at camp one year I had to kiss a staff member on the cheek (my counselor knew I liked him, so of course she had me do it), and I think another time I had to kiss one of the staff-in-training guys on the cheek to get flags for the game we were playing (everyone else had to also). So around 3, but it was hardly anything...

`*..been so drunk you couldn't remember your name// not that I know of...

`* you have any eating disorders// no, but a few years ago I worried that I was eating too much

`*..piercings or tattoos// I used to have my ears pierced, but they kept getting infected so I let them close up

`* you wear shirts that show your cleavage// haha no way

`*..ever wear shirts that show your belly button// nope

`*..have you ever smoked// no, I've always been really anti-smoking, especially when my Nana had lung cancer

`*..are you a regular smoker// no way!

`* you have any kids// do the 13 1/2 kids I mentioned in my last post count?

`* you think you could be pregnant// I don't know if I'm supposed to be imaginarily "pregnant" with one of the aforementioned 13 1/2... but other than that, it would be an absolute miracle if I was...

`*..ever find yourself wishing to poke people with sticks// yeah! I like poking people! It's fun!

`*..ever taped your nose to your face// don't think so

* you wish you could live in another realm// see previous post

`*..have you ever ran in circles like an elf// yeah, it's dizzying!

`* you pick your nose for a living// you mean I'd die if I stopped? Oh no! *runs off to pick her nose so she doesn't die*

`* you fart in public// heeeeeeee this one cracks me up! I try not to, since it grosses people out...

`* you pick wedgies in public// only if it's severe and my back is to a wall

`*..what's your view on religion// I'm Wiccan, I'm very happy with my religion, and I hate it when people proselytize because it's one of the biggest insults you can lay upon others... saying that your religion is the only "right" way, their beliefs are wrong, and trying to drown out their individual beliefs by replacing them with yours.

`*..ever stop to smell the roses// I don't really smell things since my nose isn't really sensitive. I'm not a big fan of roses, but they're nice.

`*..what about wake up and smell the coffee// coffee smells nice, but I can't drink the stuff since it tastes horrible. Coffee ice cream is good though.

`*..can you smell// sometimes. Usually only food and really stinky stuff though. And the smell of eggs brings back a horrible, disgusting memory, so I avoid sniffing eggs.

`*..gotten so drunk you didn't know where you were// not that I know of

`*..what is the most common question you get asked// probably "what size shoe do you wear?" (2) or "How tall are you?" (around 4'9")

`*..your usual response// see above parenthesis

`*..what's your natural hair color// the color it is now (kind of a golden brown), though it was almost platinum blond when I was younger (it got darker over the years, that happens to a lot of people)

`*..eye color// like a thunderstorm about to strike (I like to say that... it goes along with my personality so well...) though they were blue when I was younger (I was a regular Aryan as a little kid...)

`* tall are you without shoes// around 4 foot 9 or so

`*..favorite colors// rainbow! Seriously, I don't have a favorite, I like so many (yet only wear 4 or 5 colors...).

`*.what's your highest level of education// right now it's nearly 2 years of college, but I think I learn a lot more on my own.

`* many surveys have you taken// too many for my own good

`* you have any siblings// Katie is 13 and my only living biological sister, Patricia was stillborn (she'd be around 15 if she had lived), and I call my 12-year-old Swedish neighbor Julia my sister

`*..if yes how many// technically 2 real ones

`* you have any pets// a little black kitty named Belle (we love each other dearly and I miss her terribly), my sister's bird Nicky

`*..what's your sexual prefrence// my vibra... *cough* I mean... I'm 90% asexual, 10% I-don't-care-what-gender-you-are-just-let-me-stare-at-you-and-wish-I-had-a-love-life

`* you agree that men are little boys in men's bodies// most of them... but some are little girls in men's bodies... *giggles*

`* you have your own site// of course!

`* you sleep with clothes on// technically yes, since pajamas are clothing

`*..what song describes your love life// right now, probably "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover" by Sophie B. Hawkins, "All the Things She Said" by Tatu (wishful thinking), and "Icicle" by Tori Amos (I'll let those of you who know the lyrics interpret that...)

`*..eaten a box of oreos// not by myself... and don't they come in those plastic bag things with trays, not boxes?

`*..been on stage// several times

`*..dumped someone// not that I know of

`*..been in love// nah, just random crushes here and there and tons of fantasies...

`* did you spend last summer// I sat around and did nothing a lot, but I also worked for my dad's business and built an online database for one of his clients

`*..are you lonely// a little. Maybe I'll go on AIM and talk to someone.

`*..are you happy// content at the moment, though I'm still confused about lots of stuff

`*..are you wearing pajamas// nope

`*..are you talking to someone online// not at the moment, though I may be in a couple minutes

`*..what's your astrological sign// '0' taurus

`*..what are you listening or watching right now// "I Can't See New York" by Tori Amos (it's just playing in the background so I'm not listening intently and getting depressed and bawling)


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