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I was in the mood for some photography tonight, so I gave it a shot. Here are the lovely results. I had fun with the feet theme!

I'd like to introduce you to my wonderful feet.

They're little and fun, with curly toes and short "thumb toes."

They love each other very much.
(This one reminds me of "The Origin of Love")

And they like green too!

They enjoy tea and biscotti every now and then.

My feet are smart!

They're so smart, they can read Japanese!
(that's the Dragon Half manga Anne gave me)

My hands and feet get along great.

If you mess with my feet, beware the killer fists!

I love Photoshop's "plastic wrap" feature!

The other end of Ade!

She's a princess! Well, actually a queen, but she only has a princess hat.

She looks cute yet somewhat demonic in this one!

And Spongebob goes fairy...

*giggles* Hope you liked them!

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