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Normally I avoid anything political, but this is hilarious.

And now, another episode of "The IQ tests lied!" (subtitled "Ade is stupid") I woke up really late (after staying up til after 4:30 am), so I missed brunch, and I decided to make myself some ramen. So I go about making it in my hotpot, and afterwards, I pour it into this ceramic cup thingy. I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing, and I hear something splashing. I think, "oh, I'm spilling." Do I stop pouring? Of course not! The cup had already overflowed, but for some reason I decide that I need to get the last bits of ramen out. Then I realize that I'm just making it worse and stop to clean up the liquid mess (which had spilled onto the table and dripped onto a pile of random papers (thankfully not school papers). I think, "hmmm, maybe I should drink some of the liquid in the cup since it's to the brim." I KNOW the water had been BOILING a minute earlier, but I take a sip anyway. My lips and tongue do not like extremely hot water. They're still tingly from the burns. By this time I feel like the aliens abducted my brain and forgot to give me a new one. I eventually get everything cleaned up, but i feel so stupid I want to push "restart" but know I can't since I don't come with that button. *sigh* 140 IQ indeed! Maybe I'm just an idiot savant or something.

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