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I have the feeling this isn't going to be a very good week. Monday morning and I'm already in tears. Of course, the week is full of all sorts of fun stuff like exams, papers, and other schoolwork, plus I still have to find a new faculty advisor (Bakken politely turned me down because he's swamped at the moment - I don't blame him, and I understand, but of course this means I have to see what other creative writing professors there are, and I don't know them, and the only other one I know of is Nesset but I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye since he's been hitting on 2 of my friends/future housemates.). I have to see some movie for my FS sometime today, probably after dinner. And I'm grumpy, so I'll probably be even quieter than I already am (even with friends I don't say much, unless I'm at the writer's house). Bleh. Oh well. I'll probably be better later. Like after I eat lunch. Which I will do right about now.
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