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Ugh. 2 tests back to back tomorrow, and I haven't really studied yet. Just a little. Shakespeare and stats. Woohoo!

I got some mail today! I got an envelope full of some random stuff from my mom (a few more dryer sheets to last until the end of the semester, some candy, the Parsec newsletter, and a note). My Pop Pop also sent me some things. I read the envelope in the post office, and the return address said "Barbara and Dick Keenan," and that kind of stung. When I opened the letter in my room, I laughed because there was this Christmas card inside, but when I opened it, I stopped laughing. It had this picture of Nana and Pop Pop inside, from last summer up in Vermont. So of course I ended up crying, because poor Nana won't be there (physically) this summer. I think her spirit will be there, along with the spirits of all the other little old ladies and cats that sort of haunt the place in a good way. I put that idea in the "Wilden" poem I wrote for my poetry class a couple months ago. Anyway, he also sent me a check for $100 (the man is so incredibly generous I feel like a stingy, spoiled brat.) and a letter talking about how he's going to sell the Florida condo and probably move to an assisted living place in Massachusetts. Poor guy, it must be agonizing for him. He and my Nana were married for 50-something years, and now he has to live without her. His health keeps getting worse too, thanks to knee problems and hernia complications. Oh well. It happens to old people.

Well, tomorrow, Eric Himan is having another concert here (he visited in the fall, he's an excellent musician, really nice, loves Tori, not to mention adorable... pity he's gay). The AGP house is also having him for dinner, so I'm going to go to that too since Ted the Big Gay Chef of Norman Street is cooking (mmm... real food... home-cooked food...) and I want to talk to Eric again. I think I'll buy his other CD since I love the one I bought last time.

And I have a new advisor now, so I can register for classes on Tuesday. Yay!

Well, off to attempt studying, and I want to get to bed by 2 so I won't have to run on 4 hours of sleep again.

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