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Ahhh... it feels so good not to worry any more. I had my exams today (I pretty much failed the Shakespeare one, but I think I did ok on the stats one, even though I stayed an extra half hour). I decided to dress up tonight, so I put on my crinkly skirt. I went over to the AGP house for dinner, since they were hosting Eric Himan. He's awesome. We had a really nice dinner (it was even nicer considering I've been eating the Brooks slop for weeks), and I talked to Eric and the others. Then most of the people went to do other stuff before the concert and I stayed and talked to Chris, and he was spinning on the coffee table and singing falsetto along with the radio (I told him he should dress like a Valkyrie sometime, and he started opera singing and I was laughing really hard). The concert was awesome, and I recorded Eric talking and the first part of "Man You Had In Mind" (my favorite song of his) with my digital camera.

By the way, thank you all of you that commented on or IMed me about that whole past abuse thing. It's a sick, rotten part of my past that I've gotten over, but it still haunts me every now and then.

Phew, I'm relieved. I don't think there's anything due Monday, so I can sit around and play "Age of Mythology" and go on Gaia all weekend. I do need to do dishes and clean my insanely messy room, but that's not urgent.

I think I should star in a cheesy soap opera. It can have all sorts of weird characters, like an obese midget drag queen, a woman who has calamari for every meal, a teenage dragon, and siamese triplets that are stuck together at the hips to form a triangle. Then we could all fall in love with each other and then have affairs and emotional crisises (how do you pluralize "crisis?") and all that silly stuff. It would be... strange...

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