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My room is so insanely messy I can't walk through it without stepping on something (besides the floor). I talked to my mom and sister on the phone tonight, and Katie said that in June, a whole bunch of people (mostly neighbors, I think) are going to rent this lodge at an indoor water park in Ohio or something (I'm still confused), and she said that everyone wants me to come along. Ummm... I don't like water parks. I don't like to swim unless I'm alone with a friend or two. And I still don't understand what she was talking about. She said I could bring a friend if I wanted, but most of my friends don't like to swim either, and I don't really want to go in the first place. Oh well.

I scared poor Laura today. I went a little overboard with the shocking TMI, and I feel bad (yet amused).

Laura67359: Madame Sampta says: hello!
blupyglet: yay! tell her i say hi back!
blupyglet: *licks her*
Laura67359: Sampta says: Whoo baby *licks back*
Foster is confused.
blupyglet: it's ok! just nod your head!
blupyglet: tell her i'm molesting her
Laura67359: Madame Ade, you should be ashamed of yo-self.
blupyglet: i'm not!
Laura67359: Madame Sampta says you can do that all you want. The green one disagrees, a lot.
blupyglet: we molest each other all the time
blupyglet: *giggles*
blupyglet: i touched her jiggling jiggly 3 times!
Laura67359: I will blush for you two then.
Laura67359: I am freaked out by that statement, and I am signing off now.

*sigh* poor Laura... it must be rough being an uber-christian hardcore prude with the friends she has. Tomorrow is her birthday, so I need to buy her something, preferrably shiny and green. I won't have a chance to give it to her until May, but that's ok.

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