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*squeals* I WANT THIS!!!!!!

I think I freaked out my stats class again....

Prof. Robbins: if we wanted to measure the probability of bla bla bla, we could toss a dummy into the street and see if it gets hit by a car.
Ade: But that's not right! That's dummy abuse!
Prof. Robbins: Well, dummies aren't real.
Ade: That doesn't mean they don't have feelings!

He just kind of gave me a funny look and kept teaching. Ah well, everyone already thinks I'm insane, I don't care. Jessie told me it was her birthday (and it's Laura's too!), so I pulled out my crayons (yes, I keep crayons in my backpack) and drew something for her in the first few minutes of class. I drew pictures of Ganesha, Tori, and a mooing sheep and gave the paper to her, and she loved it.

I got a care package from the Sunday school kids. It made me really happy, and now I have all sorts of goodies! They sent some cards too, and on one the kids had traced their handprints (one girl drew hers with 3 fingers... hmmm...). So apparently I have the same size hands as a first grader. Go figure! Heeeee! I love my hands!

At the Argo meeting, there were nominations for next year's officers (with much rapid hand-raising, but I was too lazy to do that). We were all outside since it was actually warm out for once (and there was a table with punch and fruit inside the church, which was too much temptation for some people...). Anne nominated me for scribe (not sure why, but that's ok). And the Brooks food made me feel funny again.

Well, I'm going to write the poem that's due tomorrow and at least clear a path to my bed. The floor is so messy it's almost unbearable.

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