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It just appalls me how stupid people can be. As Jessie and I were walking to the post office after stats, I noticed smoke coming from one of the bushes outside the building. Being me, I had to investigate, and on one side I saw some red among the mulch. Apparently some idiot flung a lit cigarette there, and some of the wood chips were burning a little. So I stomped on it until it looked like it was out. There was still some smoke, but I think I took care of it. When I came back to my room, the bottom of my shoe had melted and warped a bit and had pieces of mulch stuck to it from the melted rubber. Jeez, someone could have set the bush on fire. I doubt it would have set Cochran on fire, since all the buildings here are made out of brick and stone, but it still could have caused a fire. Jessie was impressed by my valiant stomping and said she'd tell all her friends that I saved us. Woohoo, more karma points for me! I'm just annoyed that some moron flung his or her cigarette there without making sure it was out. *grumbles to self*

I think I'm one of the few people on campus who isn't going home for Easter. I don't really care, since I don't celebrate Easter, but it's kind of annoying that other schools get some type of break and we don't. Well, maybe I'll use the weekend to walk to the bank, deposit a check, and maybe go to a local grocery store and buy another bottle of Gatorade or something. Or maybe I can revise my poetry or work on some other writing. Or maybe I'll just sit around playing AOM all weekend. *shrug*

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