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I'm pretty damn hard core! Fear me!

hehe ok!

Adopt your own useless blob!

i had a funky dream last night: in the first part i was driving what may have been a motorcycle down this highway thing, and i saw my junior high crush, artilio (he's gay now - and so am i - is that funky or what?), and he was also on a motorcycle. we started talking, and we drove to this dirt road where there was some sign saying that it was evangelist town or something. we turned on a road that said there was some biker convention (this is weird - i've only been on a motorcycle once, i didn't like it, and i doubt i'll ever repeat the experience, even if i'm the one driving, not hanging on to the waist of a guy in a leather jacket when he's giving the kids at the lobster party motorcycle rides). then we were in this room, and it was basically one big orgy. now i don't know why the heck i was there (that's it, no more late-night questionable web browsing!), but a lot of the people around me were either doing the deed or talking about it. guys, girls, straights, gays, everyone was doing something. artilio and i were kind of sitting around, then this guy approached him and i sat alone. i was looking around for at least someone to talk to and wondering if i should join in the action. of course i was thinking, no, this isn't right, you're a virgin and you should stay that way, but i was still curious. i was just watching people, then this girl i knew in junior high came by. i was really mean to her and i've felt bad about in in recent years, and i wanted to apologize. at that point i knew i was dreaming, but i wanted to talk to her anyway. i don't remember what happened, but i said a few words to her, then left. i was walking through this labyrinth of rooms and hallways, where all these people were either having sex or in search of partners. i saw these two rooms with familiar people in it, and i also saw a list of people from murrysville who were at the orgy (for some reason they had written my name repeatedly at the top, "ade ade ade ade ade" or something). i looked in the rooms, went to a restaurant area, looked in the rooms some more, then finally went to this airplane-like place. apparently they were doing a review of some harry potter book with lots of references to lesbian sex in it (i found a web site dedicated to harry potter lesbian erotica on it - maybe that's why) and were talking about the best ones. i was walking around, looking at the people. i think one of my friends came to sit with me, but that's all i remember. weird. maybe the big orgy symbolizes college and how i feel like everyone around me is doing stuff but all i want is someone to talk to. i dunno, that's my interpretation. anyway, that was a questionable dream...

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