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I was adding a bunch of interests for the heck of it, and I thought it would be funny to add myself as an interest. There's one other person and one community interested in Ade. I don't think it's me they're interested in, probably some other Ade (ha, another Ade, that's funny). But it's still fun. I need to have my own fan club. My sister's friend is kind of the unofficial president of the Ade fan club, since she thinks I'm cool. My sister keeps photos in her binder, and she showed her a picture of me once. This was a silly one from last summer when I was having a little too much fun shucking corn. I had husks on my head, I was biting some husks, and I looked like I was about to shove an ear of corn up my nose. My parents say I'm the maize goddess in that one. Maybe when I go home, I can scan the picture. I think one of the copies is framed, too. It's quite silly, but I like it. Anyway, my sister's friend loved the picture and said I'm her new role model, and she always asks Katie about me. Therefore, I rock, since a 12 or 13-year-old thinks I'm cool. Go me.

I finished the AOM campaign today for the 3rd time (this time on the hard level). I'm waaaaaaay too addicted.

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