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It has come to my attention that it really amuses people when I swear. I guess it's because I rarely set my inner pottymouth free. I swear at my computer a lot (that's why her name is Damnyou), and I've been known to swear while driving and skiing, usually by myself. You should have seen me that time I was with my sister and my neighbors and we were having a jolly time swearing in the car, and someone took my parking space. I let out a big string of expletives that the girls found hilarious.

So since some of you think it's hilarious when I swear (especially you, Spam... your comment prompted this), once upon a time, a shit-faced cocksucking bitch was getting fucked in the ass when a motherfucking ballsack dropped by and fucked her in the cunt.

Heh... oh my, I crack myself up sometimes... that was cheesy. It sounds like a bad porn email...

And I'm not really feeling bitchy, that word just goes along with this entry's theme... hehehe...
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