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Phew. Just gave a speech about "The House on Mango Street," by Sandra Cisneros. I talked about "The Family of Little Feet" (one of the vignettes) and how the girls were role-playing with the high heels until the bum started hitting on them. I liked my speech title: "Little Feet Aren't Made for High Heels." It reminded me of the time I had to find high heels for my cousin's wedding (BAD memory!), and it was insanely hard to find heels in a size 2. There's a reason they don't make heels in kid sizes (they make platforms, but not heels... yet...). Yessireebob, I prefer my Powerpuff Girls shoes. At least they're comfy. And cute.

So, what's on the slab for today? Well, I have to do a bunch of poetry critiques (I don't mind cranking out a poem a week, I just get a bit stressed when I have 15 poems to critique and I can't do a good, thorough job if I wait until the last minute). Then there's laundry, poetry class, and I have the rest of the afternoon free. I think there's a showing of "Hamlet" tonight, so I need to see that. And I need to get some work done and WRITE WRITE WRITE. I'm going to need to hide the "Age of Mythology" cd-rom if I want to make it through finals with *some* of my mind still intact.

I was looking for pictures of Velma yesterday and found this. Needless to say, I just about drooled all over myself. Velma rocks my world! Of course, Velma's profile on the site is all wrong - she is NOT 5'5"! I found a profile on the Cartoon Network site somewhere (can't find it now) that says she's 4'9". I almost squealed when I saw that. Well, maybe Velma is smaller in cartoon form, and Linda Cardellini (she played Velma in the recent movie) is normal height... oh well.

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