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Today I had some random inspiration and decided it was time for a weird short story. It's about a woman named Sandra who takes her family to "Dreamland," an unusual amusement park where visitors explore dreams and can adopt them as pet-like-creatures. In a freak accident involving runaway nightmares, the family separates, and they have to navigate the dreamscapes to find each other.

The Dream Catchers

"Dezzie, stay near the van!" I called to my daughter, who ran around the Dreamland parking lot excitedly.
"Mom, hurry up! I want to go in!"
"Wait for your father and I, we need to get the nets out of the back."
My husband Bob opened the back of our navy blue minivan and pulled out three nets: two big ones for Bob and me, and a little net for Dezzie.
"I want to catch a dream that has lots of pretty things in it!" Dezzie skipped around, waving her net in the air.
"I'm sure you will. Now be patient, we have to buy tickets and get changed first." I assured her. After paying and changing into the standard gray shirts and sweatpants, we headed to the portal. Bob opened the park map, pointing to the children's section.
"Sandra, we should go here first, so Dezzie gets her dreams," He said.
"Yes," I nodded. "Then we can take turns going off by ourselves."
The security guard at the portal chatted with Dezzie as we waited for the portal to open. "What's your name, sweetie?"
"I'm Destiny! But everyone calls me Dezzie. I'm seven! What's your name?"
"I'm Scott." He smiled. The portal's elevator doors groaned open, and we entered the dreamscape. Instead of the sterile lobby of the Dreamland building, we found ourselves in a pleasant-looking flowery field with several trees and an unusually blue sky. We knew it was all an illusion, but at least it looked appealing. In the fields, many bizarre creatures flew, hopped, slunk, sat, twirled, floated, and ran. I saw a purple hairy blob with seven eyes and a tentacle scoot by, and Dezzie squealed.
"A dream! I want it!" She hollered, preparing to scoop it up with her net.
"Dezzie, honey, choose your dreams carefully." Bob said. "You shouldn't just pick the first one you see. You should experience them first."
"Okay." She shrugged, running off to find a dream creature to catch.
Meanwhile, I glanced around at the available dreams, looking for an interesting one. Of course, they all looked interesting and strange, but I wanted to find a special one. Even though we were still in the kiddie dreamscape, I usually enjoyed the happy dreams that lived in the area. I avoided the nightmare section, but so did most of the other tourists.
"Excuse me." I heard a tiny, elfish voice with a British accent below me. It came from a football-sized green sphere with little legs and feet. I knelt down to look at the thing, which didn't seem to have any facial features. Its spherical body was covered in little white hairs, and it bounced a little on its feet. "I was wondering if you'd like to try me." It said shyly.
"I guess I can." I said, picking it up. As soon as I touched it, all of my thoughts faded. When I closed my eyes, the dream began. I seemed to be in a fast food restaurant, and I was wearing a frilly pink dress and a bow in my hair. I must have looked quite silly as a 34-year-old woman in little girl clothes, but the other people in the restaurant didn't seem to care.
Three cartoon characters ran through the door and asked me if I was going to the zombie convention. One was a yellow monkey in a spacesuit, another was a freckled fat kid with fiery hair, and the third looked like a cross between an octopus and a hair dryer.
I had seen the monkey on TV when Dezzie was watching, but I didn't recognize the other two.
"What zombie convention?" I asked them.
"You know the zombie convention! We hosted it at your school last year!" The fat kid said.
"I don't know what you're talking about." I said.
"You were there. You ate four and a half tuna and cheese sandwiches." The monkey informed me.
"And then you taught me how to shave my feet!" The fat kid grinned.
"I'm sure I did." I nodded, even though I had no idea what they were talking about. I knew that dreams were only for entertainment, and they weren't supposed to make sense, so I played along.
For some reason, the octopus/hair dryer started to cry, so I offered to buy it a hamburger and fries. It shook its head, then ran to the bathrooms. Along with the male and female bathrooms, there was also a door marked with the octopus/hair dryer's silhouette.
"What's wrong with him?" I asked the monkey.
"Spugona is a girl," the monkey said, glancing at me suspiciously.
"Yes, well what's wrong with her?"
"You didn't throw her pickle." The fat kid said.
"Well, I'm sorry." I said. Then the scene faded, and my thoughts returned. I opened my eyes and set the dream back on the ground.
"Well, what do you think?" It asked, scratching one leg with a toe.
"It was interesting." I said. "I'll think about picking you, ok?"
"All right!" It said. "Have a nice day!" It said, scampering off towards a rainbow banana creature.

Any comments? I want to try and finish it by Saturday.

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