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I had a really weird experience this morning (actually it was shortly after noon, but I hadn't eaten yet, so I still considered it the morning). I was leaving my room to go have a shower, and I got distracted when I was closing the door and slammed my poor fingers in it. It hurt and I felt dumb, but I went to the bathroom. When I was putting my towel and stuff in the stall, I noticed this blood blister on my ring finger by the nail. "Gross," I thought, and I kept looking at it even though I didn't want to. Then I started to feel a little dizzy. "Oh no," I thought, "not one of these!" Then I felt really dizzy and had to sit down on the little bench shelf thingy in the stall. I closed my eyes since my head was spinning, and I felt like every muscle in my body went limp. My skin felt cool and prickly, and I was sweating all over. The noise of the shower grew really distant, and I couldn't keep my thoughts straight. I considered going back to my room and lying down until it passed, but I didn't want to collapse in the hall, and I was only wearing a t-shirt at that point. The feeling passed in a minute or two, but it took me a while to stand up and get in the shower. I feel fine now, I just don't know what happened earlier. I hadn't had one of those dizzy spells in about 2 years. The last one happened in 12th grade, while I was sitting in my psychology class (Poor Dr. Chunko, I really scared her when I interrupted class, asking if I could go sit in the hallway for a few minutes, and I almost passed out when I stood up). But I got to ride to the nurse's office in a wheelchair and use the school elevator for the first (and only) time.

So I don't know what happened this morning, those occurrences are rare and usually prompted my me thinking about medical stuff too much. But I'm fine now, so that's good. It was just weird.

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