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This afternoon, my future housemates and I met with one of the housing coordinators at the future writers' house (currently the Spanish house). The house is HUGE, but I suppose it has to be, since it's built for 9 people. Since there are 8 of us, we're turning the extra room into a library, and we've been telling people on campus that they can donate books to our library, and it will be available to the rest of the campus once we set it up next year. I'm going to donate the encyclopedia that Pop Pop sent, since every library needs an encyclopedia (and it will be one less thing to pack!). I'll see if I have any other books I can part with here, and I'm sure I have a truckload of books at home that I don't need any more. Anyway, I know which room Sara and I are sharing, and it's nice and big with two windows and a walk-in closet. We're going to paint at least one of the walls with chalkboard paint so we can write and draw on it. I think two or three people are going to live there over the summer, so they can do some painting and decorating (we're getting the physical plant to pay for the paints and even do some of the painting). The kitchen is fairly small, but it will work. We want to redo the countertops, and I suggested that we could do tile mosaics on them. That seemed to be a popular idea. Of course, all the cabinets are high up, so I'll definitely need my stool there. We're seeing about getting a porch swing in the front too. I don't know how often people are going to cook, but Sara was saying she wants to cook a lot, so I'm sure I'll be eating there a lot. We're talking about getting some type of dishwasher, but we're not sure about it, since it could get expensive. There's a washer and dryer in the basement (coin-operated, but the dryer is cheaper), and most houses don't have them. We're really going to renovate the place, and it should be pretty neat when we're finished. Man, we're going to have one heck of a house next year. It's going to be the writers' mansion.

Guess what? I started to actually pack a little today. I took the plastic thing from under the bed and rearranged the clothing/costumes/extra linens in it. I have so much stuff here, it will take a while to pack (I should have taken a bunch of stuff home over spring break, like my winter clothes and some books and other stuff). I swept under the bed, so now it's nice and I know there isn't a beast made of dust and hair lurking under there. At least not there. Maybe there's one hiding among the piles of papers and junk on the rug. I have less than a week and a half left here, and I have tons of stuff to do. Yikes. But I'll be ok. I think I'm going to pack my Age of Mythology cd-rom in the bottom of a box so it doesn't distract me. I may go through withdrawal and resort to other things (like Gaia...) to satisfy my laziness quotient, but I *may* actually be a tiny bit productive if I give it up until finals are over.

One of each class left! Aieeee! I'll be glad when my FS is over with, but I'll miss poetry. That class was fun, even if the critiques got a little overwhelming. But I'm taking writing fiction next year, and fiction is my thing. I'm also taking technical writing, which should impress my dad (after that, he'll probably ask me to do some of his business writing since he always asks me to proofread his stuff and I find tons of stuff wrong and make him rewrite it two or three times... I think I'd do a much better job writing business stuff than him.). I'm going to *try* and get on track this weekend and do some schoolwork, particularly poetry revisions.

Well, I'm off to... um, do something. Maybe pack. And then dishes.

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