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woohoo, i just got back from fencing. that was... invigorating. the full moon last night was gorgeous, it just made me feel so happy and i went outside and talked to Her for a while. it kicked my biological clock back in time, too.
i actually have plans for tonight other than sitting at the computer. i'm so thrilled, since i never leave the room (except to eat, go potty, go to class, fence, etc.). i just sit here like a lump. but that's changing.
i've just been in a good mood this past week. i thought i was going to be so depressed and lonely when i came back after winter break, but i'm not. this is good. though i do miss my friends terribly and i feel like a part of me is dying since i don't have the strong support. they're still there for me and everything and we talk on the phone and email, but there's still the "separation anxiety." i'm horrible at making new friends, but i'm eventually getting there. i have a few friends here, just so-so ones, not really-deep-connected ones like i have at home. i suppose a lot of freshmen (or first-year students, to be politically correct) feel this way, but i'm socially retarded so it makes it even worse.
but anyway, i'm happy. a little hungry but happy. must be going now.

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