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That modern version of "Hamlet" (starring Ethan Hawke, I believe) really sucks. I watched it tonight for my Shakespeare class. Now as cool as Shakespearean speech is, it really doesn't fit into a modern upper class urban setting. They could have at least modernized the language. And what's with Bill Murray playing Polonius? Bill Murray is a comic actor, for crying out loud! He's not supposed to be an overprotective father and then be accidentally killed! Plus, the movie itself was pretty stupid and too dark and depressing, and the acting wasn't great. The people really lacked character. I mean, Hamlet isn't supposed to be a cheery play or anything, but in the movie, everyone was frowning and being serious all the time. And the fencing scene was silly. They kept talking about foils, but they were using epees. And then Laertes pulled out a gun and shot them both. How stupid, you don't end a good fencing scene with gunshots. Of course, the swords couldn't do any more than bruise them (modern fencing swords have protective tips, and fencing jackets are swordproof). But anyway, I didn't like the movie. I prefer the other version we watched, the Mel Gibson one. And Ophelia was much more convincing.

I'm almost finished with that story I'm writing, the one about the people at the dream park! I'm at the climax scene right now, trying to figure out how they should defeat the last nightmare. I definitely want to finish it tonight. Here are a few recent draft paragraphs so you have an idea of where I am in the story so far:

The creature just laughed, its voice a high, vibrating pitch. It must have been composed of dry blood, for pieces of its crusty, dark brownish-red skin flaked off with every movement. Shaped vaguely like a Barbie doll with enormous fangs and claws, it flapped its stubby wings and advanced toward Dezzie, ignoring Bob and me.
"What's the matter, little girl?" It cackled. "Scared?"
Dezzie stood up, still holding Liilu. "No." She looked the creature in the eyes (or the glowing yellow slits that appeared to be eyes).
"Why not?" It hissed. Bob tried to grab it, but the creature evaporated and reappeared next to Dezzie, growling at us.
"You don't scare me." Dezzie said. "You can't hurt me."
"What makes you think that?" The creature flashed its fangs and...

and... something. I'll figure out what to write. But Dezzie isn't scared because she's smarter than her parents and knows that the nightmare is an illusion, and she can only touch one dream at a time (she's holding Liilu, a fluffy pink dream). Well, something exciting will happen. This scene looks kind of cheesy, now that I read it, but I'm going to edit it later.

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