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I'm going to be a copycat and swipe this from spikeslustlove. Because she rocks.

20 years ago: I was getting myself ready to enter the world! I was curled up naked in my mommy's tummy, listening to the comforting thumping of her heart and putting the finishing touches on myself. Ahhh, fetal bliss... it was all downhill after that.

10 years ago: I was 9, and we had just moved to Pennsylvania. I was adjusting to Catholic school (I was really disappointed that there were no nuns, since I was OBSESSED with Sister Act), getting ready to turn 10. I know I had my birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's!

5 years ago: I was 14, in 9th grade, and I was enveloped in my imaginary world and my internet life (talking to Leo, haha... those were interesting times). I drew a lot of comics, like "The Hilton Head Adventures" and "The Adventures of Mary" (POOL! *splash* No, Mary, that's a urinal!), and I wrote lots of musicals like "Silence of the Lambs: The Musical" (nothing like the movie, it was basically a musical full of insults to myself, my friends, and these guys we knew).

3 years ago: I was nearly 17, and during those times, I was doing a lot of questioning regarding religion and sexuality. Everyone knew I was Wiccan, and I was just starting to come out of the closet. But I wrote that "Squishy Day" story that won second place in a contest, and that was pretty cool.

1 year ago: I was busy with finals! Weeeee! And I was actually starting to enjoy college life (minus the schoolwork), since I met Jen and she introduced me to the writers' house and Argo.

yesterday: did some writing and stats homework for once

today: classes, Argo elections, working on upcoming finals and stuff, going insane, etc.

tomorrow: Last day of classes! And more fun studying/paper writing/poem revisions/etc.

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