Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

And now, for the 12758012706th post of the day! Or maybe just the third.

Woooo! I'm special! I get to be Scribe next year! Hopefully I won't go insane and end up sending out the previous week's minutes an hour before the meeting, but I'm happy. People voted for me! They don't all hate me (Not that I thought any of them did in the first place)! Wow, I'll actually have responsibilities now. Of course, when I was giving my short "vote for MEEEE!" speech and saying that I write stuff, Anne had to mention my Chihuahua story, though I wouldn't really use that to represent my writing prowess. Anyway, I think most of the new officers will hold their positions well (some better than others... I'm keeping my predictions and opinions private), and things should turn out hunky-dory. I'm also amused that Argo is about 80% male, yet 60% of the officers are female (once again).

I think I'm going to bring my digital camera with me everywhere I go this week. That way, when I get home and have nothing better to do, I can make pretty digital pictures! Or something. I just get all excited about using my camera, because it rocks.

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