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MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA the Inferno test has taken over the wooooooooooooooooooorld! Or maybe just the internet.

Last night I was *trying* to revise my FS final, and I ended up playing computer games all night instead. I'd kick myself, but the pain would distract me even more. The final is due at 3 pm today, and even though I still have time to finish it, I'm still annoyed at myself for deliberately procrastinating and foiling my own plans. I wanted to have the thing done and printed (at the computer lab, since my printer is a bitch that decided to run out of black ink a week before finals were due) yesterday, along with at least 1 Shakespeare essay, but that didn't happen. So today I have to hurry up and finish it, then work on my poetry portfolio and the Shakespeare essays (they're due Monday, but I want to turn them in early so I can go home on Sunday). WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! *goes insane... again*

Methinks I should go have breakfast or something. I feel like I'm up so early (since I'm a lazy bum who usually sleeps until lunch time). Oh well, I've been up at 5 to finish papers before, so I'm not up that early. And even though my brain isn't awake yet, I still find enough energy to ramble in my livejournal before procrastinating and ending up finishing the final an hour before it's due, which I'll probably end up doing since I'm a dork. Oh well.

And sorry to those of you who really don't give a crap about my finals (which is... probably all of you). I just need to rant about them until they're over.
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