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Holy cow. My dad sounds really different when he's sick. Katie just called to say they'd be leaving in about 20 minutes to come get me, and when I talked to him I thought I was talking to someone else. His voice sounded really deep and I got confused, but then I remembered that Mom said he had some throat virus. Ouch. But they're coming later, which is good. I need the time to write my last Shakespeare essay, print it, and turn it in. So this is probably the last post I'll make at college for a while. Don't worry, I'll still post constantly over the summer.

And now, to write 3 pages about Titus and Lavinia in the 5th act of Titus Andronicus and how Titus is a revenge-crazed barbarian who kills the guys that raped Lavinia and cut off her tongue and hands (she holds the bowl while he slits their throats), bakes them in a pie and feeds them to their mother, then kills Lavinia to end her shame and his sorrow. Sheesh. Everyone in that play has some serious issues. But I must write now. It's only 3 pages... only 3 pages...

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