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So many things I want to post about, so little energy to post them. Long story short (yeah, long story short), I'm back home and halfway unpacked. After much grumbling and fiddling with the control panel, I got the internet working at home. I have a cubicle now. A few years ago, my dad got these cubicles and we had them in the garage for a long time. Then while I was gone he put 2 of them in the basement so I have my own "office" now. My family also took off my bed frame since it was insanely old and squealed every time I even touched the bed. So now there's just a couple mattresses and sheets and no frame, and it gives me about a foot of extra room. No more pesky bed squeaking, though it was fun bouncing rhythmically so it made questionable noises.

My mom took me to the mall today since I needed a new ink cartridge and some jeans. My dad wanted me to get some "nice" clothes (as in NOT t-shirts and jeans, my staple clothing). I ended up getting some new jeans, and I got this really weird shirt at Lane Bryant that looks like someone cut a hole in a square piece of fabric. The sleeves are huge and flowy, and it looks like a fun costume shirt. My mom thought I could wear it as part of a nice outfit, but of course I have other ideas (I can't bring myself to wear pretty clothes unless I can play dress-up and prance around like a 6-year-old). It's a bit too big since they only had it in 18-20 (I was aiming for 14-16), but that's ok. Most of my shirts are too big for me anyway, and that's how I like them. Lots of room to flump around.

I had some more crazy dreams last night, and certain friends made guest appearances. I'll cut out the boring stuff like playing a weird version of AOM (if I play certain games too much, they manifest in my dreams) and running a vibrator down a row in a vegetable garden (I din't know why I did that...).
The interesting part I remember started outside. It must have been raining, and I was covered in mud. I was running around crazily with my arms out to the side, and I was feeling really happy. Then I saw this house and decided to go there. So I went in and saw nymphedufeu which was weird since I've never met her in person, but it was cool. We were in this really big room, and we were talking and having fun, and we walked into another room arm-in-arm and for some reason I thought of the RHPS scene where Frank and Rocky were walking towards the bed and the wedding music plays. No, I wasn't thinking those thoughts, I just thought in the dream that it would be funny if that music was playing as we left the room. We were just being friendly, nothing else was happening. I looked down and realized I was in my underwear (wonderful...) but I didn't seem to care. So we walked through this room and saw a couple girls I didn't know, then went outside to this enormous pool. We went in even though it was late at night, and we were playing this weird game where she'd fall into the pool, I'd catch her, then throw her in the water. Then apparently her father got the wrong idea about our friendship and sent me this letter or email telling me to stay away from her since she's significantly younger than me. I was trying to explain that we were just friends and age didn't matter, but I was asleep so I would mumble out something, lose my train of thought, and then try to say something else. I must have been muttering jibberish in my sleep again.
After that dream, there was one that took place in a buildng that looked like a high school or something (noooooo, not another one!). I was in what was apparently a science class, but I don't remember what I was doing. A bunch of people walked in, and I saw Anita and we hugged. Then I left the room and went to another classroom and there was something about a mystery and a bunch of weird ghosts that haunted the room. So I planned to solve the mystery, and I walked upstairs and saw a couple people standing in the hallway. I was carrying what looked like a big roll of tape on a piece of paper and something else. Another girl was holding something and we both went into this bathroom area. I said, "my period is really heavy," but then it occurred to me what I had just said. I held up the roll/paper thingy and said, "I mean this," since it was apparently supposed to be a punctuation period, and it was unusually heavy. I went back downstairs via this weird orange slide-type thing, and as I was walking down the hall I saw Brandon. We said hi, and then he said something in jibberish as we passed. I turned around and said, "what?" but he just smiled and walked away. I went into the science room and grabbed my stuff (I apparently hadn't been there in a few days and didn't plan to return) and left. I saw a girl with an awesome shirt in this hallway somewhere (I don't remember what the shirt said, but it was cool), and I asked her where she got it. She mentioned some musical, and then as I was going to see it one of my molars decided to break, so I was walking around with bits of tooth coming loose - really gross, and I hate dreams where my teeth break or I lose them. I used to have them all the time.
I was going to Rocky (which was cool, since I've never seen it live, and yes, I really need to), and they were doing things... differently. Let's just say they were really porning it up while they were singing. I won't describe it (unless you want me to for some reason...). But Magenta actually had a song while she and Riff were... you know. It was pretty crazy.
Then I was with this really big black girl, and we were supposedly friends (I didn't recognize her in the dream, she was probably just a fictional dream character). We were on a sidewalk and I saw all these cars with weird people pass, and we got into one. I was sitting in back with someone else, and my "friend" was sitting up front. Then she decided to come sit in back, and she squished between us. Her butt was huge, so it was no easy task. Then this skinny guy sat in the passenger seat in front of me, and she decided to make out with him. So he leaned his seat back so far that the back of his head was touching my forehead, and since they were... having fun... I couldn't escape. I felt really uncomfortable and embarrassed, but then my dad knocked on the door and woke me up. Weird.

Anyway, I'm home! Yay! I'm going to Massachusetts on Thursday but I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday. Spammykins, when are you free? We must must must get together sometime, and I need to give you your birthday present even though your birthday was a month ago. You should come over sometime and come up into the woods and see the treehouse and tire swing that someone put there! It's neat!

For some reason my family is going to bed now. It's barely after 9:30 pm. That's sad. Even though my dad is sick and Katie has school tomorrow, that's still sad. Me, I can't sleep until at least 1 and can't wake up until at least 10 unless I have urgent stuff to do. I need to break into a better sleep schedule. And I need a job. My dad got me a Dunkin' Donuts application, and my mom suggested working at Target, even though I can't stand Monroeville traffic and wouldn't want to deal with the half-hour commute. Well, I suppose I'll have to take what I can get, if I manage to actually get a job this summer... *grumbles at the severe lack of job offerings*

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
Never taken out of the packaging
Has yet to see self in mirror
Sex Drive 100%
Gayness 87.5%
Repressed, are we?
Fucking Sick96.5%
Refreshingly normal
You are 90.28% pure
Average Score: 67.8%

Normal? Me? Hah! Well... I'm mostly asexual and don't find kinky stuff entertaining, so I suppose that explains it...

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