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Well, tomorrow I head to Massachusetts to see the relatives. I may or may not update for a few days, depending on how busy I am and if I get a chance to go on the computers at my aunts' and uncles' houses. We're staying at Clarke and Cathie's house for one or two nights and Jon and Kathleen's house for one or two nights. They all wanted to host us, so we're alternating. We'll probably do some sightseeing in Boston and see the statue of Mary Dyer (one of my ancestors, the only woman who was hung for being a Quaker). When we go to Nana's interrment (is that the word?), I'm going to bring my digital camera so I can take pictures of family headstones before and/or after the service. I think that's where my sister Patricia is buried (she was stillborn, and she'd be 15 if she'd lived). I'll be ok. I always am. I'm kind of the family rock. I don't cry (in front of people, anyway), and I'm the one who jokes around at funerals and attempts to make people feel better.

And now, to see if I can get some AOM in before I go to bed.

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