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What a day. Today we went over to the cemetary for the burial, and my uncle Clarke wanted to listen to Hedwig on the way, so we did (I was trying really hard not to crack up when "Angry Inch" was playing). Afterwards, we listened to some Rocky Horror. I tell you, there's nothing like driving through a cemetary blasting "Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me." I took pictures of the family headstones, including my sister's grave. When we were dumping dirt in the hole, I got a bit clumsy and smacked the wheelbarrow with the shovel, interrupting the silence with a loud clang, and Katie said that when I lifted it up, I looked like I was about to fling it at myself. Oops. Oh well. Afterwards, we went to lunch at the Wayside Inn, this historic place, and Pop Pop gave Katie and me some money for the gift shop. I got some tea to have at the writers' house next year. After lunch (and plenty of "Chicken Run" references since I had the chicken pie), some of us were walking around the garden outside, and Katie got some pictures of the flowers and some funny ones of me sitting on a bench and putting my arm around a statue. Then when my aunts and one of my uncles were getting together for a picture, I had to hold Kathleen's cigarette, which was yicky, and they decided to take a picture of me holding it. My expression is somewhere between appalled and amused. On the way back we stopped at a nursery and saw the plants, and when we returned I took a really long nap. Of course, my dad came to wake me up and Katie joined him, only she persisted in kicking the mattress and poking me and generally annoying me. That's not the way to wake me up. Then I get really grumpy and insist on staying in bed even longer. After dinner and tea, Katie and I were playing with Pica (Picabo is Clarke and Cathie's golden retriever) and Katie got a little camera-happy again. There are some blurry shots of Pica with her head in my lap, me reclining on the couch pretending to be sexy (it didn't work), and some Katie self-portraits. I look really obese in pictures for some reason. I'm chubby and I like being that way, I just look a lot fatter in pictures. Oh well.

*yawns* I'm going to look at the multitudes of books in the room and then go to sleep. Yippee.

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