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Ugh. I think I need to practice parking. My parents sent me on an errand to Giant Eagle, and I hadn't driven in a few months. So of course I swung in at a bad angle, almost hit someone's car, and people were giving me all sorts of dirty looks. Blah. I'll need to get more practice if I'm going to be driving myself to work this summer (I have a couple job offers, so I'm not too worried, and if all else fails, my uncles said I could work for their company in Massachusetts, but that's only a last resort since I want to stay where I have a few friends even if they're almost always busy)). Ah well...

I'm thinking of making another account, a friends-only one since I want to keep this account public. I'd make some posts here friends-only, but I don't think certain friends would want to read them, and I want a place where I can completely uncensor myself (I censor my writing waaaaay too much) and talk about other people freely without worrying about them (or their friends) reading about it. Plus, I have the disturbing hunch that my family either has discovered or will discover my journal, and I definitely don't want them reading anything personal. Plus, I know that some non-LJ-ers read my journal, and I don't know how many people actually do read this. So I think I'll make a more personal account. Those of you on my friends list are welcome to add my new account as a friend, but only if you're really interested in reading personal stuff that may be TMI (I doubt most of it would be TMI though - my life isn't that exciting...).

Today was relatively uneventful, but tomorrow will be more interesting. And Spammydearest, I'll probably be free sometime tomorrow (I don't know how long exactly) and most likely all of Wednesday. Therefore, we must get together. And do somethingorother, I don't know what. Like play Connect Four and go into the woods to see the treehouse and bake cookies and molest each other and build a fort in the basement and play dress-up and scare the neighbors and so forth. Wow, I have such a childish imagination. Well, I'm hanging on to my childhood for dear life, because once you lose your childhood, you can't get it back.

And now, other stuff. Yay.

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