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Blech. Tabasco sauce tastes horrible in alphabet soup. My dad put it in not knowing when my mom and I would return home, and I had some of the soup. I don't like tabasco sauce. I don't even like spicy things (unless it's something mild like a little salsa that doesn't burn my mouth for half an hour after I eat it). I'm not a food masochist like that.

Well, I got stuff accomplished today! Go me! My mom and I went out, and I got in a job application (and saw CJ - yay!), renewed my drivers license, and deposited a check. Now I have the afternoon free, so I can... think of something to do. Like sort through books or something. Or go on Gaia. *shrugs*

Last night I dreamed that I was at what was apparently a chicken farm, and I was walking around and wanted to hatch a rooster. I picked up a warm brown egg and shook it (if it rattled, it was supposed to be male). It started quivering, and this little voice inside my head said, "Help me!" So I poked the egg and cracked it, and this little skeleton came out. It was kind of falling apart, but it was still alive, and its head had teeth. Apparently it had one good leg and part of another, and it was walking and dancing on my palm in its amniotic fluid. Weird. Dancing baby rooster skeletons...

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