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Which Real World cast member are you?

ooh, i'm a BOY...

Which Piercing are you?

maybe not cutting edge, and i only want to stand out so people don't trip over me... it ain't easy being a midget...

Which Kiss are You?

Which Kiss Are You?

not TOTALLY innocent, i just project that image ;)

How Gay Are YOU?

oh i'm gayer than that, i'm just inexperienced ;)

You are 20% evil! [?]

You're pretty non-evil. You're a little bit off of being all good, but you tend to still be orderly and peaceful. You aren't the bad person at all...for the most part.

that's cuz i like fuzzy widdle aminals! *giggle*

Who are YOU most like?

who's mike?

Find your emotion!

i'm bipolar!

eh, enough quizzes for now! well, aunt ava's heart surgery today went really well, and she may go home on wednesday! woohoo! i sent her some healing energy last night, so it worked. hoorah! i watched RHPS again today! um... yeah! tomorrow i should write stuff. writing is good.

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