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If I didn't believe in love at first sight before, now I do. Yesterday evening, I came back from SCA war practice with CJ, and there he was, waiting for me in the kitchen. He came right up to me, wanting to cuddle, and he was so cute and so little and so sweet that I fell for him right there. I'm talking about my new kitten, of course. He came home yesterday so he's still adjusting, but he's adorable and loves being around people and cuddling. He's a dark brown/gray tabby, and after much debate, we finally agreed on a name: Moccasin (Moc or Mox for short). For some reason I keep thinking "Amoxicillan" (a medicine I took almost constantly as a child since I always had ear infections - it's a miracle I'm not deaf now). Oh well. He has an "M" on his forehead. When I was going through old photo albums today, I found a picture of one of my uncle's old kittens. About 13-15 years ago, he and my aunt got 3 little kittens, named Baby, Little One, and Rullemarie (I can't pronounce it since it's Danish and requires some weird throat noise I can't make, so I used to call her "Hulamarie" and then just "Marie"). They still have Rullemarie, but Baby and Little One are gone. I think one died and one ran away. Anyway, the kitten in the picture (either Baby or Little One) looks just like Moccasin. I'll have to tell my uncle about that. Moccasin also looks a little like Emma, my favorite fat cat guardian angel that I miss sorely. Belle (my black kitty) seems annoyed that he's around, but she's being really good about it. He's used to being around other cats (we got him from a shelter), so he wants to play with her, but she's really shy, doesn't like other animals, and gets hostile sometimes. She occasionally hisses at him, but she hasn't attacked him. I think they'll get used to each other in a couple weeks. For now, Belle sleeps in the basement (she always goes down there at night, otherwise she sleeps on my mom and gets her overheated) and Moccasin sleeps in the guest room (though he always wants to leave or be with someone).

Well, today is/was my birthday, so now I'm 20. Yay, I survived my teenage years! Perhaps tomorrow I'll enlighten you with details from the past few days and weird dreams I've been having, but right now I'm getting tired and hungry so I'll make it brief before the big photo post I've been planning.

I woke up this morning when Katie came in and dumped Moccasin on me, saying she needed to do something and he wouldn't leave her alone (he loves attention and cries if you leave him alone for 3 seconds). So we snuggled for a bit, then I got up and went about my morning (yes, I was up in the morning). Then my dad took me to this luncheon at church (yes, I was at church of all places on my birthday... are you shocked yet?), and I talked to some of the kids (well... a couple girls my sister's age), and Meghan (her sister Erika is my age, but I think I'm friendlier with Meghan even though Erika and I took driving classes together a few years ago) is now taller than me. Then she insisted on painting my face and drew a big ugly scar on my forehead, complete with dripping blood. I went around telling people she gave me a lobotomy. My dad asked for a rocket on his forehead, so she proceeded to draw something that looked more like the male reproductive organs than a rocket (I'm pretty sure it was completely unintentional, but her father stopped her before it got really bad). Hehehe... well, I suppose when you're used to drawing stars and unicorns, a rocket is... tricky. I couldn't stop laughing, and neither could Meghan's parents. My dad thought it resembled an atomic bomb, but I didn't say anything about what it really looked like. It would have been funny if he went around with a drawing resembling a one-balled penis on his forehead, but he washed it off. Anyway, we went home after that, and Megan came over briefly with some weird balloons (saying "over the hill," "get well soon," and "happy birthday dad"), along with some random dollar store items and kitty things. She suggested some pretty interesting names, but of course my family vetoed most of them. And Katie seems to have issues with weird, non-cutesy names. Jeez. What would be so wrong with having a kitten named Mephistopheles or Agamemnon anyway? Oh well. My family gave me some presents (including Spongebob stuff, a butterfly pillow, undies that double as kitten blankets, etc.). In a couple days, I'm also getting the Trigun boxed set when it comes in the mail. Yay, more anime! We went to Shogun (a nifty Japanese restaurant where the chefs cook at the table and do all sorts of utensil tricks) for dinner, and it was really good. Except for when I got home and realized that the food apparently didn't agree with my system and someone had moved the bucket containing the box containing my Pepto Bismol tablets. So that wasn't fun. But all in all, the weekend was awesome.

And now I will work on that awesome photo post I promised.

CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Pope John Paul II [yeah!], George Strait, Yun-Fat Chow, Dame Margot Fonteyn
Happy Birthday: Take the initiative to make the changes that will help you feel good about yourself. [like changing my socks?] Evaluate your relationships: Rekindle the ones that are important to you and rid yourself of those that are causing you grief and holding you back. [Who wants to rekindle? And I'm very selective about my friends - very few, if any, are unworthy] This is a perfect year to get your life in order. [HA!] Your numbers are 1, 8, 17, 26, 36, 44
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): What you do with others will lead to all sorts of new possibilities. [oh, the ways I could interpret that...] You will be open to new ideas, which will be the basis for future prospects that should pay off financially. [ooh, I'm going to get a job? I sure hope so...] 5 stars
Birthday Baby: You will show your willingness to succeed and to take on whatever you must in order to satisfy your needs. [yes, I need to kick this laziness in the butt and get on with things] You will build a strong following because of your courage and dedication. [The Cult of Ade is now accepting neophytes! Anyone care to dress in jeans, cartoon character sneakers, and controversial t-shirts while lying around a bonfire and sacrificing Pez to me?]

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