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Happy Birthday to Me

Two decades into this life, and I've already wreaked a lifetime's worth of havoc. And I'm only getting started! So sit back, relax, and see how I've evolved from an innocent baby to a wild child to an oddball (or "independent thinker," as a church lady put it) teenager to the Ade I am today. I'd really appreciate comments (or emails/IMs if you're not on LJ but reading this anyway) since it took a lot of time and energy to dig through the photos, scan and upload them, etc (especially when Katie was standing over my shoulder and making fun of my baby pictures... what a rotten sister she is!). But I think it's worth it.

Here I am, fresh from the womb, on May 18, 1983. I was born at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut, and I was 6 pounds, and 13 (I think) ounces. I was a week late, but my family was thrilled. I had more hair than any baby at the hospital, and the nurses put it into a little bow and used me as the demo baby to show new parents how to bathe babies.

My Grandpa took this one when I was only a couple months old. I'm sticking my tongue out in most of my baby pictures... so you see, I've always been a goofball.

Emma the magnificent fat cat guardian angel watching over me... (I wrote a poem about this picture for my poetry class, and that will be on the web eventually, once I get around to updating my site and adding recent writing)

Look who's turning one!

And two!

For my third birthday, we had the playgroup kids over for a double birthday. Elizabeth was one of my best friends until sometime in kindergarten, and her birthday was near mine. We had a neat coconut rabbit cake! That's me on the left, Elizabeth on the right, and my mom in the background, along with some random kid I don't remember and Elizabeth's little sister Laura off to one side.

I think this was when I was around four, but here I am with my mom's college roommate's son, Jon. We're scantily-clad and holding hands! Gotta love those swimmies. I haven't seen him since we were around 5 (he lives in Maine), but last summer his mom and sister Kate (who's my sister's age, but I got along with her better than my sister did) visited us in Vermont.

Up in Maine (at Jon's house, I think) when I was 4-ish. My mom still keeps in touch with her old college roommates, and some have kids my age. I think that was the time the adults loosed a bunch of live lobsters on the kitchen floor and the kids were chasing them around. That's Russell, Jon, Michael, me, and Daniel. Russell is around two years older than me and Daniel is around two years younger than me, and Jon and Michael are my age (yet much taller than me, of course... I was always a runt). I last saw Russell, Michael, and Daniel the summer after 8th grade, when we visited them in South Carolina and I was miserable because everyone was treating me like a baby, even the kids my age. Anyway, I love the hat in this photo.

My 5th birthday in all its glory! Clockwise from left, there's Amy, me, Caroline, Elizabeth, Kate (a few months ago, my mom told me that back when we were friends in the '80s, her older brother committed suicide...), and Cailin.

Ooh, I had a co-ed 6th birthday party! In the front, there's Stephen, Amy, Casey, and Jessica. In back, there's Elizabeth (who probably went by Erin at the time since there were several other Elizabeths in her class), Michael, Kate, me, and Cailin. We were making necklaces with twizzlers and fruit loops.

My 7th birthday party was very '80s, even though it was the middle of 1990. I had it at the Great Skate, and they played New Kids on the Block. On the left, that's me chowing down on pizza, Caroline, Elizabeth, and my mom holding Katie (who was about 6 months old at the time). On the right, there's Cailin, Casey, Jessica, Jenny, and Jenna. Amazing how I remember these people, considering I haven't seen most of them since we moved to Florida later that year.

We had a pool in Florida, so both of the birthday parties I had there were pool parties. This one is my 9th. That's Leslie, Jackie in front (she later moved to Pennsylvania and in 7th grade we reunited at school and were so-so friends for a while), Jenny, me, and Karen.

My 14th birthday party got a little crazygonuts, as you can tell. I only had 4 people over, but we went wild with the dress-up clothes. So here we have Heather, Sarah (who used to be Yiwei), and me being silly. Oh man, those were the days when I actually wore white t-shirts in public. Smashing Icicle Sugar Power!

My 16th birthday wasn't all that exciting, we just went to the science center. But here we have Megan, Heather, Sarah, me, Kathy biting my head, and Leanne. Wooo, I have a PEZ shirt!

And the day I turned a very legal 18, Heather, Megan, Sue, and Laura were there to make sure I didn't overdo it. Laura even wore overalls in my honor. Of course... I didn't really do anything remarkable, but a few days later I was able to sign myself into and out of the hospital (cursed appendicitis made me almost miss graduation, but I got out of a couple finals and made it to graduation and gloated because I survived Franklin without too many emotional side-effects).

Celebrating 20 at home with Moccasin on my lap (isn't he adorable?). I may not look very happy, but I was! And I love Spongebob, so that sticker/paper/eraser/tape/pencil/whatsit set is nifty.

Woo baby! Check out the funky undies! They double as a kitten blanket too! They look pretty big, but I suppose I need bigger undies since I've gone up a few sizes in the past two years (the lack of exercise and unhealthy dining hall food are making me obese!). Katie calls them my "crabby pants."

And there you have it, 20 years of quality Ade. Hope you enjoyed the ride. And now I must get off the computer and go to bed, since someone will probably end up waking me up at 9 for no reason whatsoever tomorrow morning. Though with a new kitten, the days might not be so boring any more.

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