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Poor little Moccasin... he rarely ever eats anything, and I worry about him because he's just skin and bones. He has enough energy to play and run and do kitten things, but he hardly eats anything. He ate a little this morning and drank some water, but kittens need to eat 3-4 times a day. I guess it's because he's still adjusting to this house and the new food, but he really needs to eat. He always wants to be with people, and he spent half the day napping on my lap or chest (he likes climbing on shoulders and snuggling under chins). Well, I'm sure he'll eat more in the next few days. I'm just a little worried now since the poor kitten must be starving.

blupyglet: and my kitty moccasin is adorable
blupyglet: super
dorkylesbian: moccasin aww
dorkylesbian: how cute
dorkylesbian: you really do like pussy cats
dorkylesbian: meow hehe
blupyglet: very cute!
blupyglet: ohhhyeah, i got pussy for my birthday
dorkylesbian: haha

Yep, we're mature...

Yes indeed, "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" is playing at the Pittsburgh City Theatre. Anyone in the area want to go with me? Pleeeeeeease? I know most of my local friends aren't into Hedwig, but there must be someone who'd like to see it live... *pouts and tries to act cute*

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