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Ok... when I went to check my friends page, the colors had changed from black/green to white/lavendar. Nothing wrong with those colors, but they had mysteriously changed on their own, and the journal settings were the same. I fixed it though, so everything is hunky-dory.

All right, people. From what I've been reading, a lot of you are depressed right now. Some of you have reasons for being depressed, and some of you just are. Now I know a good portion of you have struggled with/are struggling with mental illness (it seems most of my friends do... I guess I just gravitate towards people with "chronic issue syndrome"), but many of you seem worse than usual. So I just wanted to say that I love you all, you're awesome people, and I hope you feel better.

As for me, I'm perfectly content, especially since I have a kitten who adores me (he's on my lap now and has been on my lap/chest/shoulder for about half the day). He discovered Nicky the bird and keeps trying to attack his cage. I keep saying NO and pulling him away. He's curious, and he probably couldn't hurt Nicky, but it terrifies the poor bird so I have to keep them separated. Silly kitty!

Well, it's May and I'm still trying to get a job so I can stay occupied this summer. The job market just plain sucks now, but hopefully I'll be able to do something. And I'm having waaaaay too much fun downloading stuff since I can use kazaa again. Yes, Spammykins, I have a few more, uh, movies... *grins*

I need to work on resizing/uploading my digital images so I can send the Massachusetts ones to relatives. The thing is, the Mary Dyer statue ones turned out a little dark in the face so she looks sullen and slightly evil. But I can probably fix that in Photoshop. Gotta love those militant Quaker feminist ancestors of mine. I also have more kitten pictures and will take a lot more this week and bombard my journal with photo posts. Weeee!

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