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My mom sent me across the street to give my neighbor some baking soda, and I ended up staying and making cookies with them. Of course, Ben (5) and Libby (3) were being really hyper (good thing Abby was asleep or it would be even more chaotic). Ben is up to my shoulder now, and we have the same size hands. He spilled milk in my lap, which was funny but uncomfortable. We were throwing a beanbag perogie around until the bus dropped Katie off, and she rescued me, telling the kids it was my "nappytime."

My mom got me some pants today. They're capris for normal-sized people, but the length is just right for me. My mom likes that since she doesn't have to hem them now. Hehehe...

I had yet another interesting dream last night. There were parts I vaguely remember when I was talking about having two parties but remembered I already had a graduation party (2 years ago...). Then I was in what appeared to be a dorm, and this lady told me that Pop Pop had lived there but was moving out, and I was going to live there. Apparently Megan and Laura lived in this room with two other girls, and it was pretty big and had beds and many tables and chairs. I'm not sure why Pop Pop had lived there, but dreams are weird like that. So I was moving stuff in, and I guess Megan and Laura didn't know I was going to live there with them (apparently we were still going to separate schools). I went to this dining hall place, and I was standing in line around this little square place to get food. I was taking forever to scoop up spaghetti/stew/whatever it was, and I grabbed a glass of this clear fluid and went to sit with Laura at this table at the far end of the room. Megan sat with us, and I drank some of the liquid. It tasted weird and kind of peachy. Then I was at home in the guest room (which is temporarily Moccasin's room until we decide he can handle wandering the house at night) and Sue and Nicole were there. They were both apparently staying in the bed there, though the bed was much bigger and they were sleeping kind of perpendicular to each other at opposite ends of the bed. I was talking to them about somethingorother and I heard this buzzing sound. The dream got a little bizarre here, but everything was still PG-rated, mind you. So I looked over at Sue and there were these two vibrators by her and one was on. I said something like, "Um... your thingy is running," and she looked at it and turned it off like it was nothing. I guess Nicole had a vibrator too, but neither of them were using them... they were just there. Odd. And that's all I remember.

I might also post something in ade_a_roni later... I was in a ranty mood earlier, but I'm better. But there are some other non-ranty things I need to get out of my system too. We'll see.

Lucifer: Angel of the starlight, you are often
confused with being evil in your quiet
contemplations... Underneath it all you are
actually the most beautiful angel of all, and
God likes u more... the others are just
jealous. What do they know anyways.

Which Angel Lays Within You?
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I am an overly happy A.D.D kitten

Which cute or possibly strange kitten are you?
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