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Well, I have some good news, some not-so-good news, and some stinky news. First the stinky news. Moccasin has been eating Belle's cat food, and it doesn't seem to agree with his system. So he's been having some... trouble, and he's a stinky little kitty now. I want to give him a bath, but it's common knowledge that if you try to give a cat a bath, you'll end up in the emergency room. Maybe I'll just give him a good wiping with those pet wipes that Megan gave me.

Now for the not-so-good news. My grades aren't what they expected. I got them about a week ago but didn't tell my parents (well, my mom) until today when she asked. Here they are:
Stats: B-
Shakespeare: C+
FS (stupid English class): B-
Writing Poetry: C+

Now I thought I'd get a solid B in Stats and FS. Guess not. As for Shakespeare, it was a fun class and I got Bs on all the papers. but the 2 tests he gave really brought my grade down since I pretty much failed them. And how the fuck did I get a C+ in Poetry? I figured I'd get at least a B in that. I mean... people say they like my poetry, some poems more than others... hmmm, maybe it was that Anne Sexton essay that I did a crappy job on at the last minute or my class participation. Humph. I better get an A in Writing Fiction next year. I mean, these are writing classes. I'm a writer. I'm supposed to do well in writing classes, not get a "you're slightly better than average" grade. But those aren't the worst grades I've had at Allegheny, so I'm not crushed or anything. I seem to do a lot better in the fall semester than the spring semester. Hmm. Well, next year I'm taking Chemistry and Archaeology (as a distribution class), Writing Fiction, Technical/Professional Writing, and some Psych class that I forget the name of. I'll do better... I'll keep telling myself that...

And finally the good news. I got into Alpha again! Yay! I was a little worried since I wasn't all that thrilled with the way my application story turned out (I liked the general idea, and I liked how the story actually had a decent plotline and action, unlike some of my stories, but some of the scenes sounded kind of cheesy and weren't explained very well). But I guess it was better than I thought. I think Megan was also accepted, and I know Tom was, but I haven't talked to any of the others yet. But I'm happy!

Oh, and they need to have "bipolar" as a mood, since that's how I feel sometimes.

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