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Hee, it's after 2 pm and I'm still in my pajamas! Um... I think I'll go have a shower soon before my parents come home and yell at me for not doing anything remotely productive (except maybe eating brunch and feeding the kitten). It's another Friday and I have nothing to do. Bla.

Last night I dreamed that Megan was transferring to Allegheny and she was going to live at the writers' house too. We went down to the basement there (it didn't look like the writers' house basement, more like an underground ecosystem... it was odd). The dream was pretty vague, so I only remember a few things. I found this old Golem issue from 1998 or so, and I was flipping through it. I know Anne was there, and we were talking about somethingorother, and then we went to another building. I saw a bunch of Argo people there, and everyone was discussing stuff like who next year's officers are. I watched another girl come in, and she asked someone to get her a Polaroid camera or something. The dream was pretty blurred, but it was odd as usual.

And now, I'll go shower. Yay!

You are Wavy Daisy, the pothead M&M. Look at you
with your big fat mouth suckin in all that
reefer. Right on!!!

Which M&M on drugs are you?
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Oh my... Erm... no?

You're an Ashamed Fandom Newbie! Your embarrassment
over being involved in a boyband RPS fandom is
natural, but it gets old after about five
Livejournal posts. You don't have the guts to
admit you like popslash and frankly, we don't
want to admit you're in the fandom!

Which *NSYNC Slasher Stereotype Are You?
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HA! I'm not even IN the fandom! I don't know why I even took that quiz... I'm not into slash, and I avoid boybands...

I am a naughty Black kitten

What color of kitten would you be?
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Ooo, black kitten! I love my Belle-Belle even though she's a grownup...

Get use to it, you're ditzy. ;D
You are a Lollipop.

What Fruity Object Are You?
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I'm NOT a ditz! But I like lollipops! *licks one and winks at a certain someone*

You are Emo!

You are very sensitive to everything and often find
yourself depressed or brooding. You get
attached to people easily and find it hard to
let go. However, you are creative and
articulate and can express your thoughts easily
and clearly. You are empathetic to people in
distress and often find yourself driven to help
them. Try not to focus solely on whats wrong
with the world, and try to notice the positive
aspects, too. Oh, and please put the X-acto

What Kind of Music are You?
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Hey, just because I'm creative doesn't mean I spend my time being depressed, brooding, and hating the world. Not all artists are tortured!

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