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Lots of crazy dreams last night! They probably aren't in order, but I'll describe what I remember. In one, I was seeing things through the eyes of some Shakespearean tragic heroine, probably Ophelia or Desdemona. Apparently I/she had a female lover, and I was looking around the internet for pictures/videos of her/me with the woman. I found some, and then I/she was in bed, and the other woman was there. They/we weren't really doing anything, just cuddling sleepily, and then Hamlet/Othello/some male who was her/my husband came in and saw us. I/she pretended to sleep, and I knew that he would consider shooting me/her but would decide against it. Then apparently I was outside somewhere, and the bed was under a tree, with some cardboard propped against it to shield it from the rain. Hamlet or whoever it was got in the bed where the other woman was, and I ran to join them since it had started to rain. Then for some reason we found out that the bed was a car, and Hamlet sat up and started driving it. We were driving down this relatively empty street, and it was supposedly almost empty since it was the 1930s and few people had cars. There were a few bums in the street carrying sacks, and one of them threatened us, so Hamlet stomped on the accelerator and we drove away. The dream sort of morphed into something else, where I was in what appeared to be my dorm room last semester, only it was fancier and I had one of those beds with the posts holding fabric up at the top (I forget what they're called). I was getting ready for some quality alone time, but then my sister and a bunch of other people came in and started harassing me. Katie was messing with the stuff I had laid out on my bed, and some man was accusing me of messing up a wine rack, though a cat really did it. I have no idea what was going on there. Anyway, in another part I remember, I was Hedwig (woohoo!) and at an elementary school. I was walking around lunch tables full of kids, and I looked in another room to see that the kids were drawing on their brown paper lunch bags. Apparently they were trying to draw the cloth with Hedwig's imprint on it (when she wiped her face after "Wicked Little Town" and tossed the cloth to Tommy, and it had the imprint of her makeup on it, kind of a parody of the biblical story of Veronica's veil), and I thought that was cute. One boy asked me if I wanted teeth on the one he was drawing, and I said that was ok. Then this little black girl and I were talking, and she suddenly fell down under the table. I picked her up, and she was crying and had spilled water or something all over her shirt. I asked if she was ok, but she kept crying. I asked where her teacher was, but she said the teacher was preparing for some beauty thing. I wanted to help her, but suddenly my parents and uncles showed up and congratulated me for being Hedwig. Then I was in another hallway, where a bunch of people were, including a dark-haired girl wearing this really skimpy black bathing suit. Another girl was there, and they started flying and floating around the hall. I kind of became the dark-haired girl but eventually morphed back into myself. I flew towards the top of the hallway (it was about 20 feet high) and started bouncing off the walls and pushing off with my hands. I told the people, "I'm playing Ade-pong!" It was fun when I was dreaming it, anyway. Then I had to go appear before the school since I was their guest, but I was trying to get rid of my gum (I rarely chew gum... why was I dreaming it?). I flicked most of it into a trash can, but there was still some stuck to my fingers. I tried to get it off, but I had to go to the auditorium. So I went in where all the people were waiting and started bounce-flying down the aisle. It was very glorious, and I felt wonderful because I was Hedwig. In the last dream I remember, apparently I was at a summer camp place, on a lake. I must have been a counselor, and everyone was standing on this long thing that was floating on top of the water. I don't know what the heck it was or how to describe it, but it was kind of like a really long water treadmill. A bunch of girls were making it go across the lake, and one of the counselors told me to watch out, because someone was going to jump off. I looked up and saw alteredsketch, but she looked different (she had kinda poofy dark curly hair... very odd). Then she jumped off the thingy and started swimming away. I thought she was going to drown, so I started yelling and trying to go after her. I saw her swim far away and then stand up in shallow water, and I wanted to go talk to her. Apparently she had left because she was in love with a girl named Angela (?) and they had written tiny love letters in this little cave. That was really all I remember. Dreams are so bizarre.

Yesterday, I took Katie and Julia to Eckerd, and while they were busy debating which fake nails to wear to the middle school dance that night, I decided to stop by Infinity and check out the comic books. I got some "Oh My Goddess!" manga, then I took the girls back home. In the car, Julia said that her Spanish teacher (I know him, he's a pretty neat guy) said that she should go back to Europe and be a model. Well, she does look like model material... platinum blond hair (she's Swedish, so it's completely natural), tall, thin, blue eyes, etc. Well, 12 is too young to really model, but maybe when she's older. I was kind of amused by the discussion, so I said, "Yep, Julia is a sexy bitch!" That prompted hysterical laughter from the back seat, and Julia said she'd have to start calling herself that. Later, Elli came over and stayed until around 9. After Katie and Julia left for the dance, she hung out with me for a while, and we ate candy, played with the kitten, etc. She also drew that lovely picture I posted yesterday.

We're having a neighborhood garage sale tomorrow, so I'm going to go through my stuff and see if there's anything I can part with. The thing is, I'm a terrible pack rat and save everything. But I'll try to get rid of some old stuff. And make money. Yay.

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