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While talking to a future Alphan friend online, I randomly came up with a silly short story. Want to read it? Here it is!

Once upon a time, a green enchilada named Snark lived in a nice little cottage all by himself. Only his cottage was on top of a volcano, and the spirit of the volcano wasn't so happy about it because Snark's cottage was itchy. So he told Snark that he should move his cottage or risk a meltdown. Snark was sad. Snark was mad. Poor old Snark wasn't glad. Fortunately for Snark, his best friend, a pickle named Quibork, said that he could borrow his pickup truck. But the poor pickup truck melted on the volcano, so Snark still had to move his cottage and buy Quibork a new pickup truck. Fortunately, Ed Mcmahon stopped by and told Snark that he had won the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes... but enchiladas can't enter human contests. But Ed Mcmahon gave him a dollar and then told him to go away because he was tempting Ed to stray from his diet. "What can I do with a dollar?" thought Snark. So he went to Mcdonalds. Unfortunately, he took a wrong turn and ended up at Taco Bell, where somebody ate him. But wait, that's not the end! While he was in the person's stomach, he used his magical powers to possess the person, who bought Quibork a new pickup truck. As for Snark's house, since he had possessed a human, he got a brand new house that was much bigger and better than his cottage, so he let the volcano melt it. And he lived happily ever after possessing a human from inside his stomach. The end!

Today my mom and I went out and did some errands, and we went to this little coffee/tea shop for lunch and had Panini sandwiches. They were yummy, and I decided that the coffee/tea shop would be a good place to go and just sit and write for hours. My face looks like somebody attacked it with sandpaper, since it's rough and pink and getting all icky and flaky from the nasty sunburn I got. It will be cleared up in a few days, but right now it's yucky and itchy. Oh well.

And why haven't my Trigun DVDs arrived yet? *pounds desk* Come on!

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