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Weeee! I made some money today! It was just packing cookies in boxes and only for one day, but at least I had a job for one day. The backs of my knees and my heels ached from standing for 5 hours, but they're better now. And the job would have been a lot easier if I was 6 inches taller, but I'm not complaining.

Yesterday my aunt Barb called, reminding me that it was Grandma's birthday and hinting that we owed her a phone call. So I immediately called her because I'm a good girl (even though I haven't written to her in a long time), and we talked for a while. She's doing pretty well despite a cracked vertebrae (ouch). After calling her, I left my dad a voicemail in a somewhat demonic voice asking, "Did you call your mother today?" Apparently he did, so that's good.

-1- What's your full name?
I'm going to omit the middle and last names because I never tell anyone my middle name and I don't care to reveal my last name over the internet where zillions of potential stalkers can find it. Adrienne E**** C*****
-2- What does your first name mean?
Dark, rich, woman of the sea (it doesn't really suit me, so I stick with Ade - plus, Ade sounds cooler)
-3- What does your middle name mean?
According to, it means "God is good" - and it's a boy's name.
-4- What does your last name mean?
According to the aforementioned website, it means "hound of the plain" - yes, that one made me laugh.
-6- Were you named after anyone?
Apparently I was named after someone on my mom's side - I think I had a great great great uncle named Adrian and he had a daughter named Adrienne.
-7- Which of your parents named you?
I don't know whose idea it was. But why they named their daughter "Dark hound of the plain" is beyond me. Ok, that really made me laugh - I'm going to have to use that in a story or something.
-8- What origin is your last name?
Welsh! And a good last name it is.

-9- Height:
4 foot 9-ish
-10- Weight:
140-ish (I'm not big-boned, I'm fat!)
-11- Eyes:
The color of a storm about to strike (gray, and I wish they would fleck yellow when I'm mad... that would be awesome)
-12- Hair:
There have been many debates over whether it's dark blond or light brown. I say light brown.
-13- Shoe Size:
2, and I love wearing kids sneakers!
-14- Blood Type:
-15- Do you excercise?
What's that?
-16- How many sit-ups can you do?
One, and only in the morning after lying in bed for hours.
-17- Push-ups?
I've never been able to do those, even when I was in shape
-18- Pull-ups?
-19- Are you allergic to anything?
Dustmite poo, scallops, some chemical in food (probably a sweetener or preservative) that gives me heartburn, and I have a teensy allergy to furry animals, but I still plan to be a cat lady someday.
-20- Do you have any diseases?
Does a mild case of Tourette Syndrome count? Well, it's not really a disease...
-21- Do you have an eating disorder?
Not that I know of
-22- Do you have any freckles or dimples?
Sure, but they're not very prominent.

-23- What are some positive things about yourself?
I'm nice and insightful and funny (people say I am, even though I don't think I'm as funny as they think I am)
-24- What are some negative things about yourself?
I must have some type of social anxiety disorder because I tend to avoid people, even when I don't want to, and I'm terrified of calling people. I also have problems with verbal communication, and I rarely tell people what I want, and people find that annoying. And when I get nervous, I do stupid and klutzy things.
-25- Do you have any mental disorders? and how many?
I haven't been diagnosed with any yet, but I'm almost certain I have some form of social anxiety disorder.
-26- Are you more happy or sad?
I tend to be pretty bipolar, but I hide my emotions, and people have trouble understanding how I'm feeling unless I'm convulsing in laughter, hollering at someone, whimpering, or bouncing up and down and balling my fists at my chest while grinning madly (I do that when I'm excited).
-27- Pessimistic or optimistic?
I can be either, it depends on how I feel.
-28- Do you meditate?
I get lost in thought frequently, and sometimes I do before I go to bed
-29- How do you relieve stress?
Playing computer games and/or Game boy for hours until I forget about what's stressing me
-30- What causes you to get stressed out?
My sister seems to be the main source
-31- What things help you out when you're stressed?
Computer games, friends, and food
-32- Are you happy with who you are?
Yeah! I like me.
-33- Are others happy with who you are?
Some are, some aren't. Some people tell me "never change" (and I take it literally since I'm silly), but some want me to be more... normal. Screw that. I like being weird.
-34- Describe your personality:
Very odd and mysterious, to say the least. Like a gobstopper only with different flavors, like grass, cheese, grape, and calamari

-44- What are your parents names?
Robert (Rob) and Jane (Bonnie)
-45- Sister(s) name(s)
Catherine (Katie or K.T), Patricia the Stillborn (ooh, that's a weird title), Julia my Swedish neighbor/sister, and any other "family" members I've accumulated from various friend-families
-46- Brother(s) name(s)
-47- Do you get along with your parents?
When we're not in the same house :)
-48- Do you get along with your siblings?
See above
-49- Do you like or dislike your parents?
Neither. They're just... parents, kinda neutral.
-50- Do you like or dislike your siblings?
I don't like her. She's mean.
-51- Who is your favorite relative?
Grandma and my little cousin Kara
-52- Who is your least favorite relative?
My sister Katie
-53- How many aunts and uncles do you have?
4 aunts, 4 uncles
-54- Are your parents divorced?
Nope, they wuv each other
-55- Have your parent's gotten remarried?
-56- Do you like family get togethers?
Yes! They're awesome, and love my extended family.
-57- Has a family member ever died?
Well, of course they have. Otherwise all my relatives would still be here taking up space, from the first living molecule with DNA to the first hominid to me. The latest death in our family was Nana, who died of lung cancer in January. Fare thee well, Nana, you will be missed.
-58- When was your last family reunion?
Almost a month ago at Nana's funeral in Massachusetts, a lot of relatives (and family friends I hadn't seen in ages) came to that
-59- Who do you miss out of your family?
I miss my cousins! All of them! And I want to meet my cousin April's kids, Ashley and Cameron!

-76- How many friends do you have?
More than I think I have
-77- Who are they?
You want me to list them? No! Go look at my friends page or something!
-78- What kind of people do you hang out with?
I'll hang out with just about anyone as long as they're nice to me and respect my beliefs and boundaries. I tend to flock to writers, artists, nerds, outcasts, and people with depression and ADD the most.
-78- Who would you take a bullet for?
Now now, it's not nice to go stealing bullets, even if it is for someone else. Do you mean to ask if I'd sacrifice my life for someone else? Hmmm, let's see... my close friends, certain family members, and my cats.
-80- Would anyone take a bullet for you?
I don't know... probably my family and close friends. I wouldn't want them too though - I'd feel awful and guilty and end up in therapy for the rest of my life.
-81- Do you have a best friend?
I have several close friends, not one in particular
-82- Who are they?
Megan, Laura, Spam, CJ, and my kitties
-83- Who do you hang out with the most?
I don't see my friends much over the summer... when I'm in school I hang out with my writer friends and the Argo crew.
-84- Who has changed for the better?
Well... my cousin Kevin seems a lot nicer than he used to be, though he still likes to ask intrusive questions
-85- Who has changed for the worse?
Michael Jackson. What the hell has he done to himself?
-86- Who hasn't changed at all?
-87- Who are you most comfortable around?
-88- Who are you most uncomfortable around?
Erm... boys. I don't know why.
-89- Out of your friends who has/is the best...
I don't know, I have trouble looking people in the eyes...
Hmmm... I don't know the answer to that either.
Laura's mom is the coolest
Tom because of the accent! *grins*
-Hair :
Anyone with hair longer than mine... *grrrrstupidhairthatdoesn'tgrow*
Hmmm... maybe my future housemate, Jess/Buffy.
*ulp* Do I have to answer this? *glances around the room and murmurs* mycollegefriendjoshbutdonttellhimisaidthat...
My nose is dysfunctional. I don't know.
I don't really ask my friends for advice. I like to work things out on my own.
Laura and Megan come up with some pretty crazy things...
My uncle Jon... he's hilarious.

-90- Which song reminds you of yourself?
Oh, lots of them... mostly Tori songs
-91- Which song reminds you of your life?
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Wicked Little Town
-92- Which song reminds you of your family?
Don't know
-93- Which song reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush?
I don't have any at the moment
-94- Which song reminds you of your best friend?
Anything by Rasputina (Megan), "It's not easy being green" (Laura), anything by *Nstin...I mean *Nsync (Spam)
-95- Which song reminds you of your current feeling(s)?
Don't know... I'm feeling kind of... blank
-96- What's your favorite band?
Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Tori Amos (though she's not a band)
-97- What's your favorite song?
The Origin of Love
-98- How many concerts have you been to?
Several... I lost count. At least 8 or 10 or so.
-99- What's the last concert you went to?
My sister's chorus concert... wait, that doesn't count. Tori in March (it was fabulous)
-100- What's the last CD you bought?
Hmmm, I don't know, I rarely buy CDs.

-101- Mood:
Kinda blank
-102- Taste:
Erm... default "mouth" taste
-103- tv show:
-104- Worry:
No job for Adey alllll summer...
-105- High:
Um... doing something productive today? Yay?
-106- Thoughts:
My legs hurt, and I'm kind of itchy. And I'm still hungry.
-107- Outfit:
*undergarments*, black socks with dogs and cats on them, jeans, a plain black t-shirt, and my pentacle
-108- Day:
-109- Time:
9:10 PM EST


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