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Oh look, Jack Chick thinks D&D is Satanic because apparently people are so dumb they fail to distinguish fantasy from reality. Riiiiiight. And therefore about 1/3 of my friends are going to hell for role-playing, even the Christian ones. Jack Chick is so pathetic he makes me laugh.

Gaaah, whenever I'm trying to type, certain people feel the need to IM me 50 times a second and distract me. Oh well. It happens. Plus, Katie, Julia, and Elli are down here making a racket. So I'll update when I'm not distracted. Pthhhh.

Quote of the day:
"Oh, it's nice to know everything is going as planned, agentfroot. The missiles are in place, and the chickens are watching for the nun with one red pump shoe (because she only has one leg!!!! Oh my gosh!). Agentgreen out. Please inform agentorange, if the rabbits didn't get him...I mean her....I mean the not-gender-identified-agent...phew, that was close, Foster, I almost gave away a defining attribute of Sister...oops."
- Laura

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