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I had a rather disturbing dream last night. In the first parts I remember, the dream was weird but not very threatening. My parents got me a gray car, and for some reason I was going to Alpha even though it's 5 1/2 weeks away (yes, I've been counting). I was going to the RMU campus even though it's not going to be held there this year, and I was having some parking issues. Then that dream ended and a slightly creepier one started.
I was apparently in some sort of ocean with other people/creatures, and the waves were bright blue and really artistic-looking. Things were peaceful at first, but then these people started shooting arrows at everyone. I don't think the arrows were supposed to kill people, maybe just sting them. So I was trying to swim on my back, away from the archers, and a couple arrows (little fat white stake-thingies) hit my knee. It stung a little, but the dream faded away. Maybe Moccasin was attacking my knee while I was asleep, since he stayed in my room last night (and woke me up at 4:30 am by nuzzling me with his cold, wet nose and purring in my ear and crawling all over me).
The last dream was very disturbing. I was in the driveway of the Vermont cottage, only it looked slightly different. I was in the passenger seat of my mom's minivan, apparently laying down with a blanket over me. There were a bunch of people in the driveway (a thin, gravel driveway circling around a few trees and a small garden), and I watched a pickup truck pull up in front of the minivan. I hid under my blanket but saw a few men in the truck, and the driver pulled out a gun. I started to panic a little, and I told my mom (who suddenly appeared next to me in the driver's seat) to watch out and get the gun that we kept in the glove compartment (we don't really keep one there). I reached in and found the gun, only it was tiny. It was about an inch long, but I opened it and saw that it was loaded. Apparently the "bullets" came from some mechanical pencil lead sticking out the back. I got out of the car and stood behind one of the trees in the circle thingy in the driveway. The truck guys were firing at me, and I knew bullets were whizzing past me but none hit me. I was watching some Trigun episodes yesterday (my DVDs finally came!), and I think all the gunfighting influenced my dream. Anyway, I've never fired a handgun before (I'm really good at riflery, but I've never used a handgun), but I managed to figure out how to use my tiny one, and I stuck my hand out from behind the tree and fired at the people in the truck. I didn't want to kill anyone, but I had to defend myself and the other people in the driveway. There were three guys in the truck and I only had the tiny gun. My sister ran behind the tree and handed me a bigger gun (that looked suspiciously like Vash's gun), so I started firing it at the truck guys. Katie was also hiding behind the tree but not very well, so I yelled at her to get on the ground or something. I heard a groan and saw one of the truck guys slump over (I had shot 2 of them, but the driver remained), and then I realized I was out of ammo. So I threw both guns at the driver (yes, that was a bad move) and when they hit him in the face, Katie and I ran into the house and up the stairs to our parents' room (though it looked a lot different). I knew my dad kept guns in the closet (not in Vermont, but for some reason they were still there), but I also knew they weren't loaded and the ammo was locked elsewhere. Katie said there was someone in the house so I ran into the closet and shut the door. I saw rows of rifles and handguns in the closet, only they were all in plastic packaging, and I couldn't find any ammo. I heard footsteps on the stairs, so I grabbed two wooden swords in the closet and waited. The closet door opened and I prepared to attack, but it wasn't the evil truck driver. A woman stood there, and apparently she was in the driveway earlier.
Then everything was supposedly safe, so I left the closet and the house. Spam appeared and told me that there was only one fatality, and she said something about a girl in a lana. Then it occurred to me that she was talking about Laura, and I was completely shocked. Laura couldn't be dead, could she? So we walked up the driveway and walked towards the hospital so we could see her body. I was too shocked to really do or feel anything, but I walked there anyway. Of course, it would have been an insanely long walk to the hospital since the nearest town in about 7 miles away from the cottage on Lake Champlain, but it only took us a few minutes to get there. We walked into the room where Laura's body was, and I was really nervous. But Laura sat at a table there, very much alive. She said that she had only been shot through the shoulder, and she would be fine. There were these weird decorations by the table that looked like nifty ivy leaves, and we were watching this weird thing on TV about a boy whose mouth was an abyss or something. That's all I remember.

Whew, that was bizarre. Speaking of bizarre, my head feels heavy and buzzy and odd, maybe I should go drink water or something.

And speaking of death, it seems like a bunch of us have lost grandparents in the last few months or are losing grandparents now. There are like 5 or 6 of us who have been through the losing grandparents thing recently. That's kind of... odd, but that's the way life goes. So here are my condolences to those of you who recently lost grandparents or have to deal with losing them soon. And thanks to those of you who were really nice and supportive when I lost my Nana in January. We're all in this together! Group hug! *gets smushed by all the bigger-than-Ade people who don't know each other but are hugging anyway*

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